Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Draft COP 2017-2020

Ugh, another long break without posting. I've been dealing with minor but intensely annoying health issues...after a long, long time of my hypothyroidism being stable to the point I'd forget about it, it's now not at all and the solution of decreasing meds was an absolutely terrible one so now I'm very very very hypothyroid (ic???) and the fatigue is a total killer, not up for much other than work and work is a nightmare with it. Complete nuisance when med changes take so long to take affect. Moving on...the draft COP for the next quad!


Anyway, this will be short! In good news...

Note: Handpsring fwd on- tucked double salto fwd off: If the 2nd salto is not completed because the gymnast lands on the feet and bottom simultaneously, then the vault will be recognised as Handspring fwd on- Tucked fwd Salto off

This had better make it to the final version OR ELSE. They'd want the wording watertight also. Another good bit of news lurking is that the forward element will be scrapped from floor, meaning no daft front or side aerials. It wasn't ever something I felt really strong about, but it was definitely jarring to choreography and for that reason, it's welcome.

The 2 point penalty for vaulting with one arm is back, I'd be interested to know how strict that will be followed in practice..must true propulsion be in evidence from both hands or will touching the board be a grey area?

The arabian double layout, the Dos Santos II, is now a H. YES finally! Maybe it will encourage someone to actually do this skill.

I haven't delved fully into it to see changes to combinations/connections etc. on beam and bars but will be doing so. Looks like Netherlands are being punished for underuse of acro skills on floor, floor will need 3 dance skills and 3 acro skills and 2 extra skills...not 100% about these two skills, if they are compulsory or allowed or what. If they're not compulsory, they might as well be since everyone will use them to drive difficulty.

What I definitely don't like is devaluing of vaults. I don't really see the point of trying to bring it more into line with other events, by its very nature it's very quick so execution will always be much higher than others. It just seems unneccessary and will for me take away from the excitement of ranking and scoring a little bit.

I definitely have some more reading to do. While it is the draft, I'm sure a lot of it will end up finalised. What are your thoughts? Favourite change? Worst? What have they overlooked? Who should get a raise for FINALLY seeing the danger of the Produnova?