About Me

Hello, my name is Catherine and I live in Ireland (Republic Of). I have been an obsessive gymnastics fan since late 2011 only. I am neither a coach nor a gymnast, except for a pathetic short-lived effort in my childhood. My technical knowledge of the sport is not at a high level and I cannot code routines.

But I love gymnastics. LOVE IT. I started this blog as an outlet as I was boring my boyfriend and others to tears, but it has developed beyond my expectations - it started off as a random explosion of thoughts. I don't have a bias or patriotism for one particular country (yes I am human and have favourite individuals) and I try to talk about lesser known countries as well as the big 4, although the language barrier is a problem. My blog doesn't really have a set style I don't think, unless being a mix is one. I love receiving comments, so please feel free. Unless you're a troll.

I am able to give news on Team China sometimes, if it is allowed to be shared. No insider information on other countries :p

If you have any suggestions for a topic you would like to see covered in the future, you can email beautifulgymnasticsblog@gmail.com, or just comment. I'm not looking for contributors though, I don't think that's 'me' and no guarantees about actually writing the suggestions.

Anyway, welcome! :)


  1. I'd love to see a "Where are They Now" piece on some of the most recent Olympians to retire or who have just stopped competing (but could still be training) esp. Romania! (I'm a closet Catalina Ponor fan even though I'm American).

  2. I enjoy reading your blog and quite admire your impartiality. I, for one, have a clear ranking for the big 4 (RUS,CHN, ROM, USA). Keep posting! :)

  3. I'm a 52 year old Texas mom who's also a gymnastics super fan. I grew up in another state and spent my childhood and teen years riding jumpers. I did spend a bit of time in a small gym program after seeing Nadia score multiple perfect 10's. I've loved gymnastics ever since! So glad I found your blog...you're a gem!