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Thursday, 2 August 2012


Gabby Douglas wins, Vika in second and Musty third. This was not really exciting, it was frustrating, difficult and annoying to watch.

Did Gabby deserve to win?
Yes, her greatest rival messed up her vault and Gabby hit four for four. She has really peaked at the right time, got all of her former inconsistency out of the way and she was exciting to watch. However, she was very overscored.

What overscores?
 Her vault was offline and she stepped into the red. It scored the exact same as her stuck TF vault which was itself overscored. The judges basically said that if Gabby had stuck in the middle line, they would have given her McKayla's score. What kind of bullshit is this? Even 4 year fans KNOW McKayla's vault is of much higher quality. Her beam score was higher than Catalina Ponor's routine from TF's, and both of Sui Lu's beautiful routines. Gabby is a great beam worker when she's on, but she had an error and the other two are excellent beam workers, with a few tenths higher difficulty, so a 15.551 for Gabby is insane. Vika's beam was overscored too, but not in the same range. Gabby's inflated bars score was inline with Musty's, who also jumped  four tenths. But Vika only jumped two. Floor was fair for all concerned, but the judges of the other three basically were applying Gabby bonus. It is unfair and so frustrating to see, regardless of whether she would have won without them.

But Vika came off the mat on her vault!
Yes she did, and that's what killed her. Keeping with overscored amanars, Vika could have scored in the 15.8-9 range, like she did in quals, with a well landed one. If she had, she would have won. Even with that, the fight between Vika and Gabby for gold should have been a lot closer and would have been if both were scored fairly.

Gabby hit everything though!
Yes, and well done to her. She is not responsible for her scores. But it is hard to watch someone being handed gifts like that. We all want a fair all-around. Gabby would have won regardless since Vika's vault was a big mistake, but FAIR SCORING should still be expected.

 Would Musty have won without her fall?
No. She would still have gotten bronze. Her lack of an amanar sealed the deal for her really, as well as her wobbly beam.

Aly and Musty got the same score, so why is Aly in 4th?
They determined bronze by looking at combined e-scores. As is expected and fair, Musty's were higher. Very tough for Aly who was rattled after her huge error on beam though. Correction: They actually looked at the the three highest scores of each and combined the total. This is where Aly's beam sank her, instead of her weak bars being dropped, her beam was dropped instead- usually so strong, it had a big error. That meant her bars were up against Musty's hit 3 routines, and Aly's amanar was not enough to save her. Tiebreakers are unfair, what's the harm in two bronze medals?

Where was Larisa?
Languishing way down the rankings. Larisa's bars got a half decent score, but she watered down hugely on floor, downgrading her double double to a full-twisting double pike and her triple twist to a double twist. Very costly. That, her big wobble on beam and her DTY sealed the deal. Very sad to see, let's hope she can get back on track.

- Vika, Musty and Gabby's bars. BEAUTIFUL
- Vika having the floor of her life knowing she would not be able to catch Gabby's score.
- Deng Linlin's beam. Proved her worth, nailed everything
- Musty's floor. Such a strong performance. Music is growing on me, probably because the start and end sound like Cradle of Filth.
- Vanessa Ferrari's floor. Great as usual!
- Rebecca Tunney having a GREAT competition
- Same for Elizabeth Seitz! Well done to her
- Deng Linlin and Huang Qiushuang both nailing everything! Deng had a rough time in TF, and HQS is headcase extraordinaire
- Sandra Izbasa beating both and placing fifth! WOW. Nobody expected that. Larisa was always set to outshine even the top contenders, and it wasn't really known who they would have as their second contender. Sandra's bars are not at Larisa's standard, but they were good, and great for a Romanian. Along with her excellent vault and floor and her decent beam, they were enough to boost her right up there. Great finish.

Not-so highlights
- Hannah Whelan's crashed vault, score of zero and her devastation. Awful to see, especially as she was in front of a home crowd
- Musty falling off beam, it looks like she could have fought for that, she wasn't so offline that it would have been the point of no return
- Larisa watering down bigtime to stay safe, which cost her very dearly. Hard to watch someone with the highest potential not on form in the AA
- Vika's vault landing, which cost her gold.
- Gabby's beam, bars and vault scores. Far too high.
- Aly's huge wobble on beam and hand down. Heartbreaking to see.
- HQS wayyy underscored on her excellent beam. 14.133 for that?? That's 1.4 under Gabby's, who had roughly the same SV and a leg up.
- Aly's bars outscoring Deng Linlin's and Larisa Iordache's. This is outrageous! While the other two also count bars as a weak point, both have substantially better swing and form than Aly. Aly HAS improved her form on this event, but it is still fugly compared to the other two.  Aly also has the lowest SV out of the three..

I'm so annoyed about this! I would have preferred as I said, a podium of Larisa, Vika, Musty. I do not begrudge Gabby's win, she hit everything and she deserved it, especially in light of Vika's vault. I direct my ire at the judges who were on crack. She was not the only overscore- Musty's bars and Vika's beam spring to mind, but just like US trials and nationals, Gabby was on a different plane. It taints the whole thing when one is favoured.

Best leo: Larisa Iordache. I LOVE that Pikachu leo. Musty and Vika's was second, but a bit dull for me. Then Hannah/Rebecca's, then Gabby/Aly's. Would have preferred more variation from that lot. Vanessa Ferrari's had such promise, until I saw the cut-out shoulders- what the hell? Worst was the Australian leos. Bit fed up of Japan's now, it's gotten old.

Monday, 2 July 2012

USA blatant overscoring

It annoys me. It is healthier all around to score gymnasts as they could expect to score in London. The other thing about it is that it was selective. If you're going to overscore them, then overscore them all so that it's still a level playing field.

Jordyn and Aly scored impossibly high on floor, as did Gabby. Some OOB's not penalised, unfair on those that were. McKayla's score was too high night 1, but not by as much. Bars was blatant, especially in relation to Gabby and Jordyn's scores. By contrast, Anna and Kyla deserved higher even though their scores were a bit too high also. Nastia scored too high in all of her comps this year, sure they had to deduct for her falls and obvious form errors, but late handstands and turns were completely ignored, as were leg seps. In direct contract, McKayla's mistakes scored much much lower, even though she had a much stronger bars routine both days. Sure they were both crap, but McKayla had no falls Night 2 and had a strong unlaboured routine. Beam was more generous at Nationals than Trials, where it credited Jordyn's connections. All of the girls with wobbles scored too high, but it wasn't AS bad it could have been. Gabby's score again stood out here as a huge gift.

Kyla and McKayla out of the 5 had much fairer scores than the others. Gabby completely stands out as being far too gifted with her scores. 15.9 on bars with an error, 9.4 E score on floor with errors? Absolutely, Aly and Jordyn were also quite overscored, but the point remains that Gabby's gifts were greater. It was quite a desperate attempt to keep her ahead of Jordyn. In a way, it's a good thing, because it means Jordyn will be out for the kill in London. In a way, it's bad. Gabby's confidence isn't the best and building it up with overscores means the comedown could damage and shake her mentally when she scores fairly in London. It could shake others too, though Gabby's fragility seems like she will be the one to take it as a blow. By and large, the rest of the girls were marked fairly. It's not nice to see disparity in scoring. You're never going to hear 'woah Sabrina Vega was SO overscored' and not just because plenty of her routines were not broadcast. It's also because- she wasn't. I like the fact that John Geddert's blog mentions the 'weird scoring'. He also mentions that Marta and Bela are also taken aback by it. I'm not sure what to make of that..obviously he has much more of an insight than I do. BUT..why would the judges have an agenda of their own accord? It smacks of being controlled on high, unfortunately.

I have images in my head of Vika and Musty watching Gabby's bar routine and laughing at the score. And Romanians sniggering at the beam scores. It is true that by contrast, other countries Nationals have either fair scoring or harsh scoring. Russian scoring was a bit of a mix, though seemed mostly fair. Britsh Nationals were very scabby! WHY do USA continually do this? It serves no purpose. I assume their coaches will absolutely know better but it may gloss over aspects the gymnasts need to fix, and of course, build them up only to tear them down mentally. A good change has occurred this time, with the team named privately AT Trials. Hollie Vise's face is fixed in all of our minds forever, thanks NBC. Hopefully we can see more changes next quad, like non-delusional scoring.

 Will be having a look at Canadian Trials if available and German Trials. Now that the USA fuss will die down for a while, it's time to check out the others again!

Boo overscoring Trials Day 2

WOW very interesting competition. No new leos as such, slightly dissapointing! 2011 worlds TF leo very popular, plenty of other reds too.

Jordyn- HIT 4/4. Missed connection on beam, and stepped to the side on her amanar. I did not see bars because the stream cut but she appears to have hit that with a slight hop on dismount. Floor was great. She should have won, less errors than the winner. Leo looked great on her, deep purple. No ribbon though, I love her ribbons..Anyway, she didn't get the number one spot and she looked pissed. She earns her scores. Still a lock obviously.

Gabby- Nice amanar, stuck! Not explosive or high by any means but clean. Makes her case to be the first up on vault in TF. Bars were great, good to see her hit. Beam had wobbles and hops all over the place, still dangerous and could kill her AA podum potential. Floor was slightly messy, still convinced it shouldn't be the lead-off but the alternative had an error. Qualified to the team. Deserved to, but far too gifted with her scores. This will make her alienated..bit of a pissed looking convo between the 3 BFF's at the end, looks like it was concerning the fix.

Aly- Very dangerous amanar, I don't know how her body is absorbing those. Sloppy. Bars are getting stronger, but form is still abysmal. Floor was great. Beam SO SOLID, tiny error. Makes her case, she's sooo in.

Kyla- AMAZING bars, stuck landing! Absolutely beautiful form. Well done to her. Floor best she's ever done- though repeating myself, unusable. Beam had one missed connection but otherwise great, lovely lines. Vault was a beautiful DTY with a hop back. THANK YOU for not amanaring. Go Kyla!

McKayla- Mistake on bars but recovered nicely. Good for her. I can't wait to see beam, apparently it was great and scored a 15. Good back-up there. Floor went OOB on the third pass, costly. I so hope this is fixed before London..she can do it! Or just sacrifice the 1.5 an add a leap instead? Double pike shook her a bit but landed fine, almost went out of time. This is fixable, especially since it's so close to her concussion. Amanar was beautiful, hop forward. Mustafina not seen yet but apparently stuck! Great job.

Nastia- Hard to watch. Especially since my streaming froze! Saw another bad error on handstand and she came off. Finished the routine and flung the dismount, landed it but low. Beam was good, no major errors. Not particularly valuable. I really hate the hype around her and she did not deserve to advance to Trials but it was lovely to see the cheers and standing ovations she got- after another crappy bars, good for such support to be shown. I'm a sucker for teary moments. I suddenly love Bill Strauss for this reason too!

Rebecca- Even harder to watch. Had to jump off, fell again, big handstand error, had to come off after her pak. Heartbreaking. Also downright odd since she normally hits bars very well. Extremely tough to see but nice to see the crowd rooting for her. Feel so bad for her. Beam not broadcast but apparently contained a stood-up Patterson. Good for her.

Anna- YES that was an excellent bars routine- AGAIN! hink her repetitive training of it is really helping her. Brilliant stuff, better than Kyla or Gabby's. Beam not broadcast.

Elizabeth- Great comp for her, fierce competitior. She can't displace McKayla but she is a lock for alternate. LOVE her tumbling, want to stab whoever designed that choreo. Vault had a step to the side, it's explosive but isn't as clean as McKayla's. Beam was nice and solid. Bars not broadcast.

Sarah- I saw NOTHING of hers. Gutted. I better have access to the youtube videos- I won't if it's just NBC uploading them..but USAG will be fine.

Still jitters but plenty of improvements on Friday. Team remains unchanged, and so do alternates- just subbing in Li for Sloan.

Best routine- Kyla Ross' bars
Favourite routine- Mckayla Maroney's beam. YES beam, it was so solid and great to see it (on youtube admittedly) after her fall two days before on an event she doesn't even need.
Best hair: EBEE! Far and away the best. Jordyn had no ribbon, dissapointed- they make her look so professional or something.
Can't pick a best leo when they were all unoriginal!  However Asac looked great in another 2008 killer leo, good for her.

Saturday, 30 June 2012

Curse of the beam: Trials Day 1

What a jittery Trials. Here's hoping these girls can knock out their full potential on Sunday. Cheers for no broadcast of Anna Li or Kennedy Baker. Jordyn wins! Poor Bridget Sloan, hurt her elbow in warm-up and had to scratch. Would have made a good alternate, though unclear if she can compete on Sunday yet.

McKayla Maroney- I like the leotard colour, not gone on the tie bit. She has her own vault scoring, she can do both those vaults better than that..amanar had a big step and Mustafina was underrotated slightly. But still incredible. Fell off bars, which looked great aside from that. Fell off beam, normally so steady on that! However she is still a lock..she HIT FLOOR! It was great :) That third pass was great and the 3.5 had the best landing yet..I'd call that stuck. Floor got a 15.2 and shows potential to beat Gabby in London. Falls are bad at Trials obviously but since she hit the two events she is needed for and fell on the ones nobody cares about that doesn't really hurt her..especially since both falls are very uncharacteristic.

Jordyn Wieber- Seriously so impressive. Not flawless but wow, she's amazing to watch. She's been 'on' since what, 2009? Looks better than Nationals, even with the slight struggle on bars and the missed connection on beam. Floor was great as usual, stuck landings! Deserved higher than Gabby's. Also wow on sticking the full-twisting DLO cold! Loved her old-school meets new-school leo. She is of course still getting a good but of the spotlight but she's being eclipsed a bit..not really fair.

Gabby- Uncharacteristic mistake on bars..hopefully a total fluke. Leg up on beam, great routine otherwise. Floor tumbling was great however the choreo is still to be honest, shit. Vault I haven't seen, wasn't broadcast? Or else missed it as the dodgy webcast did cut a few times. Am sure will see perfect bars on Sunday, but I'd question these mythical upgrades? Still too dodgy to trust on beam. Still overscored, but enjoyable to watch. Boring bling, never liked that leo.

Kyla- Kyla nailed floor and bars. Floor not helping her out much of course, still no upgrades. Beam had plenty of bobbles and subsequent missed connections, otherwise lovely. Vault- does that count as being sat? Hands down, incredibly low- only got a 14.4 so must have counted as being sat. GET RID OF THE AMANAR! She clearly cannot do it to a safe level. Wore Nastia's AA 2008 leo! Interesting.

Aly- Bars were fine, for her. Floor- great but had an OOB, uncharacteristic. Vault looks a little cleaner before she twists, probably the safest of the three dodgy amanars (G and K too). Beam again, looks like she spotted a coin on it, that's how ungraceful her low-to-beam is. Also had balance checks! Normally so rock solid, so that was surprising. But not damaging. Another tie leotard, looks good on her but she's worn nicer.

Nastia- It actually looked like she was going to get through the routine at one point, lovely clean lines. Unfortunately it was incredibly laboured and slow. She messed up a handstand, struggled and bent her knees and the stupidly flung herself into a dismount that was never going to happen and landed on her back. She needs to scratch bars on Sunday, that was scary and humiliating. It's ridiculous on both counts, a) actually got to Trials and b) competed bars when they are quite clearly in a state and she does NOT have the endurance. Beam had two big balance checks, looked good otherwise. Misses the last hope at an alternate spot.

Rebecca Bross- GREAT bars, she nailed it. Fell off beam, another wobble and then sat the dismount. That was obvious, as she was knackered. Sad that it ends here, she cannot be trusted after that as alternate.

Sarah- HEARTBREAKER! I've heard rumours she is injured, and it certainly seems so as she has looked sluggish all week and just not 'on'. Floor she took out the whip before the double arabian and almost fell on the last pass, poorly rotated. Bars were very good for her. Vault not seen. Beam she missed a connection and wobbled..I think. May have said goodbye to alternate. She looks tired, I wonder what's the story there. I love her, sad to see her not at her best.

Elizabeth/Ebee- Choreo on floor worse than Gabby's but WOW at her tumbling, it's unreal! Made a very strong case for herself as alternate. GREAT amanar, it looks amazing. I still do not see her touching McKayla though. Bars not shown, were great apparently. Beam neither, had a few checks but nothing major. Actually apparently bars were not great and only got got a 14.5, must have a a biased source where I heard they were great. That damages her chances at the team and displacing Maroney bigtime.

Alicia- I can't believe she wobbled on beam, soo unlike her! Looked fierce otherwise. Vault, Rudi shown looked great, more power in it. FTY not shown. I think throwing the double would break her, she has already said she can't train the Rudi as often as the rest are flinging amanars so I don't know people are constantly saying she should do the double..absolutely not if she is not capable of landing it safely or without having the endurance to repeat it.

Kennedy, Li and Dowell not broadcast. Vega had a decent floor and one or two wobbles on beam.

Beam had a great night for claimed McKayla, Anna, Rebecca and Kennedy. EVERYBODY else had either big balance checks, missed connections and/or small wobbles.

Best routine: Kyla's bars!
Favourite Routine: McKayla's floor
Worst routine: A toss-up between Rebecca's beam and Nastia's bars. Crap day for WOGA.

Looking forward to night two! Hoping it will broadcast earlier than 2AM for me...zzzzzz...very very thankful I got hold of a webcast for this, however illegal the quality was good. Hmm you can tell this was written at about 5AM. But so will the next one!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

What putting Nastia on the US team does to scores

This is assuming the most likely team of Jordyn, Aly, Gabby, Kyla and McKayla and is using their highest Nationals scores. Yes, this team score will be huge because of the overscoring but since all of them and Nastia were overscored, it makes little difference. The only one who wasn't is McKayla, who CAN get a 16.15 on vault internationally. This team assumes using Gabby on floor, but that depends on whether it can outscore McKayla's in prelims, assuming McKayla has a beautiful third pass.

UB: Jordyn, Gabby, Kyla- 46.4
BB: Jordyn, Aly, Kyla- 45.6
FX: Gabby, Jordyn, Aly- 46.35
VT: McKayla, Jordyn, Aly- 47.85

Team total- 186.2

Enter Nastia. Now because Kyla is competing Nastia's two events, we'll switch them. Firstly using Nastia's actual highest scores from Nationals.

UB: Jordyn, Gabby, Nastia- 44.55
BB: Jordyn, Aly, Nastia- remains unchanged, 45.6

Combined with floor and vault gives..184.35, almost two points lower. In a sport of tenths seperating winners, obviously this format is unusable. But let's be fair and assume Nastia did an alright job on bars, using an easier dismount than her old one and with form errors, but not as disastrous as what we actually saw. We'll also give her beam a realistic score, assuming no errors besides missed connections. Hypothetical bars score: 14.4 Hypothetical beam score: 14.7

This gives a team score of 184.7, only a bit better. Now let's be REALLY generous and assume Nastia really nailed her bars and had no missed beam connections and then was overscored on top of that. We'll give her beam and bars a 15.

Team score: 185.6 I have to admit I was a bit shocked at that, thought it might close the gap more. She needs to manufacture 6.05 more tenths. She can't do that. I really admire her gymnastics of old and for her to make a pretty brave comeback. But the admiration ends there after the free pass to trials and the realisation that she absolutely cannot help this team whatsoever, even assuming impossible scoring. Give it up already.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Top 10 things that annoyed me at Visa Nationals

10. Sarah Finnegan not having as great a competition as I had hoped. Mistakes on floor and beam and a fall off bars won't do her case any good, she needed to be consistent. I was wondering if her higher SV on floor and beam could oust Kyla for that spot even with the bars deficit but it doesn't look like it. Maybe just inexperience which is such a shame as her gymnastics are so beautiful. However she still has trials but even if she knocks it out of the park, this team is too small. A great alternate though, she's my first alternate.

9. Kyla Ross' floor. Damn it Kyla, your floor could be great but 5.5 is NOT usable. This should have been done last year, why on earth not? Even just some leaps out of passes, bit of code whoring, it would help. This will mess up her chances of securing the 2nd AA spot in London

8. Kyla Ross DUN DUN DUNNN two OOB's Day 1, one of which was not deducted for. Nice to see a fluff about her but talk about focusing on the wrong issue..the issue is with the low SV, not uncharacteristic errors.

7. Seeing Chellsie Memmel timing routines instead of getting ready to compete was very sad, especially while watching Nastia tank her routines.

6. ..Which brings to me to seeing Nastia Liukin advance to Trials following these routines. Beam both nights blatantly overscored, bars day 2 I would say so as well. Her beam won't be used anyway, it's not valuable enough and those bars are NOT going to be fixed in time. She had a chance if they were perfect but they are far from it. I will go mad if she is named alternate even, there are so many more deserving girls. She got up there and tried, but she does not deserve to be on the National team OR at Trials. Blatant favourtism seeing as Chellsie Memmel was denied even Nationals. Neither have a chance at the team, but both should have been allowed retire gracefully after Nationals. (Hint: Nastia should retire gracefully. Now so it will die down for Trials)

5. Non broadcast of Elizabeth Price, Kennedy Baker, Sabrina Vega and Anna Li Day 2. I can't recall if any were shown Day 1 or not, I suspect barely any of their routines. Sure it makes sense to broadcast Aly, Jordyn, Gabby, Kyla and McKayla if they are up at the same time...but why not show the routines later? Far too much footage of gymnasts sitting and standing around (especially a certain blonde one) and not enough quality gymnastics. Price's amanar and floor, Baker's floor and Li's bars especially. Thank God they are uploaded seperately at least, but the nation deserves to know that while Nastia chokes her routines, other gymnasts are kicking serious ass. Baker has a Dos Santos I for feck's sake and Price's amanar IS the second best in the world.

4. Broadcast of McKayla Maroney's fall day 2 during warm-ups, which I am not embedding. McKayla fell on an overrotated triple twist and because the girl is the best WAG twister out there, the height she falls from is incredible and pretty scary. Of course we should all be thankful she landed flat on her back and not at an awkward angle or directly on her neck or head but we did NOT need to see that. Of course broadcasters cannot help showing injuries that occur during competition but this was not one of them. I was so thrilled to get an update on her, which quickly descended into OMFG are you effing SERIOUS am I actually being shown this sentiments.

3. Way too much coverage of Nastia Liukin. I do understand it, she draws in the ratings. It doesn't make it any less annoying though and was distressing seeing her face so much after she tanked bars night 1. Lingering shots of her sitting alone..and then lingering shots of Valeri, WTF? There is gymnastics going on out of view. Infuriating. In a way this may be more jarring for me as I am not that used to US TV. I watch BBC broadcasts of all past competitions if available but obviously no choice with internal US competitions.

2. Selective overscoring and underscoring. The way I see it is, if you are going to inflate scores substantially beyond what they would get internationally then do it for ALL competing gymnasts and not just a few. This is how Nastia got to trials and this is how Gabby almost beat Jordyn with a fall. Not that their routines were the only culprits, I will throw my hands up and admit that Jordyn's routines were also overscored, and Aly's. McKayla's were not. Sarah's beam was. Bridget and Anna's routines were not. Price was underscored. Be CONSISTENT with scoring damn you. Either everyone fairly or everyone generously.

1. McKayla Maroney's fall day 2, which again I am not embedding. Annoyed is the wrong word here, horrified fits better. She is my favourite US gymnast and I wanted her to get out there and proove she can do bars better than that, fix that third pass, and continue being awesome on beam and vault. (Yes her beam doesn't have a great SV but it's soooo steady with such great form). The good news of course is that she will be fine and it's nothing serious but I am so gutted for her that it happened at all and that it neccessitated being pulled out. She will bring it at Trials, no question.