Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year!

2013 still doesn't sound very appealing as a year, though I remember saying that about 2001 and 2003. There's something just ugly about 1's and 3's in years like that.

So my first gift is my new blog header. I was bored of my samey old one and those type of ones are too common anyway. Maybe this one will become endearing and actually original, or something other than just laughably bad and childish looking. But I like it, it's magnificent, no? Such toepoint, such beautiful non-flexed wrists (thanks to Spanny, flexed wrists can never be unseen) and such a symmetrical beam! Though I think the toepoint was better before I decided it would look better if she faced right not left.. And yes it should really be a switch ring leap, but arching the back and head would be too hard for my limited paint skills. You never know, I might shake it up a bit and introduce stag, double stags and maybe even a sheep or wolf jump if I'm feeling adventurous. A perfect Yang Bo is the pinnacle I'm aiming for. For the moment though, a very very oversplit switch leap it is. I seem to remember Anna Pavlova managing a similar shape to my gymnast's left leg, so no making fun of it. You might notice the gloriously patriotic leotard incorporating Celtic designs AND colours, genius or what. Ireland will be at the top of WAG for the 2037-2040 quad and forever after- you heard it here first.

Not a clue what's happening with my employment situation yet. I will either have no hours or much less than I was doing last year- so more time to post in general. Anyway, I hope to get stuck in straight away with SCAM/Jesolo/Euros rosters and actual competitions as they become available, and of course, upgrades. I seem to have got rid of an awful lot of the opinion I had built up prior to starting my blog (which is 6 months old!!) with prolific posting, but no doubt more will spew out of somewhere.

Anyway, happy new year :)

Bailie Key has divulged some of her new upgrades- a Downie, Church and shaposhon bars and arabian on beam. Awesome! She mentions these in a recent interview, with footage of the beautiful Downie in question. A more awesome bars release wish partially fulfilled already and we're only one day in! The interview is on gymnastike and you can see it here. Part 2 is further down on the side. Also check out Arianna Guerra doing a full twisting DLO bars dismount. I fully expect to see CGA and Texas Dreams utterly dominate the next quad for USA.

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  1. Im not a fan yet of Ariana. Her only strong event in my opinion is floor.