Monday 2 December 2013

Rebeca Andrade fixes the lights


I know the camera is not steady but that IS McKayla Maroney-high. It's not her first competitive one, she seemed to lose it for a while. But it's back with a bang! :O This netted her 15.850 in team finals/AA and she also unsurprisingly took the vault EF title. Her other events, especially bars, are being whipped into shape so she isn't quite showing her full potential anywhere else yet, not that that's a bad thing as a 2015 senior.

Longer post about the weekend's gymnastics the post.


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  2. She's awesome, LOVE her and I'm so happy to see the Amanar back with a bang. Plenty of time to work on the other events if she's senior in 2015 only, and much as I hate Alexandrov not being in Russia, I'm glad that Andrade will really benefit from his leadership.

    1. Yeah she was beaten by Flavia in the AA who had an FTY but I'm not pushed, Rebeca's routines are being restructured etc. especially bars. So looking forward to her.

  3. Loved her two and a half to front full on qualifying. Her floor is looking really good in general, she will definetly challenge Simone in the future.