Monday 4 August 2014

Update on Yao Jinnan

She is currently injured, again an ankle/leg related injury. This happened fairly recently around the time of an internal test. It's not yet clear how badly or whether her recovery time will be long. When it is and it is open news, I will post it.

It's as if she's made of spun sugar...third year getting injured in summer in a row. She's too thin and frail I think. Anyway, speedy recovery to her!


  1. The 16-233 tumblr is reporting that Nannan is better now!

    1. I hope so, but it's not known or confirmed as of yet. Hopefully it will be soon.

    2. hihi~ this is 33~ What happened was this girl that went to a promotional shoot (for ANTA) was chatting with JX and it was part of the conversation. Also, later on, when Yao came to do the shoot on equipment, she went on herself instead of using a body double (which they would have used if she was still injured).

    3. Yeah I saw that footage last night, promising! It seems to be murky about what she is training if she is yet. Hopefully it can be clarified soon.

    4. wow where can you find the footage? can u send me the link?