Sunday, 26 July 2015

Too sick to blog :(

I woke up this morning with a charmingly awful cold, complete with aches and pains. Very frustrating as quite aside from the sick headache, my head is also bursting with thoughts on Classics!

I'm loving the interesting comments so far and can't wait to blog at some stage this week. 'Til then, death to the common cold particularly in July and hurray for all sorts of fabulous routines and comebacks.


  1. Hope you feel better soon! Bc you have a lot to catch up! USAG has uploaded just about everything including the NBC 2hr coverage. I actually though Amanda Borden did a decent job even with Tim Daggett. Her and Bart Conner is an even better comb.

    Anyway... both Gabby and Aly look so on track. At this point anyone doubting that both are not going to be on World team is probably just in denial. Gabby definitely made a case for herself now if she didn't at jesolo. Her beam is now so rock solid that if you didn't follow the last quad, you would've think that's one of her forte, which it is now. She is certainly getting up again on ub. 2nd place with 60.5 w/o amanar is an excellent result.

    Just as we just stop breathing when Aly does her first pass, she is now adding another element onto another pass. It's too bad she fell but I absolutely love her for putting it in. She might not be able to beat Simone fx but if Aly hits I doubt anyone else can catch her to silver fx.

    At this point, they are definitely both ahead of where they were back in 2011.

    It's so unfortunate that kyla fell off ub again while attempting an upgrade. I really really don't want her to regress like she always have done whenever something goes wrong. Given how strong the US is right now, without upgrade, she won't be able to be a top 3 AA anymore. She is still a strong AA that would be a great addition on the world team but without upgrade, even her strong event like ub will be overtaken by Gabby and possibly even key or Maggie. Not saying that if she gets "only" a 59 that would be a "failure" as outside of US right now there are less than a handful of gymnasts that can get 59, but unfortunately when team USA already got 5 AA with 60+, she will miss out on the AA final at Worlds.

    Maggie continues to enjoy the dark horse role. I don't think anyone would've guess where she would be right now when we were watching jesolo.

    Key continues to be on the right track....She definitely will be a 60+ AA once that amanar comes with a few other small upgrades. I am not a fan of her new music though. I just like her crystalize music better, but guess that's just me.

    Nice to see Kocian went out there and hits her routine. Brenna routine was still exciting even with the fall. It's too bad that Bauchmann has to fall on her pet event... Good to see Ashton doing some routines even if it's just exhibition.

    Great to see that the juniors are doing good. Unfortunately they are facing a very deep senior team right now.....

    US team could've probably split 6 member team into two 3 member teams with everyone doing AA in TF and would probably place 1-2.... Even a third team with the next tier of seniors with Laurie and Ragan would have a very good chance of being in the top 5 if not 3rd.... Can't wait to see what P&G will bring...

  2. Simone went pro. Guess we won't see her in NCAA. But we could see her competing elite in the next quad.

  3. She will probable do a comeback after 1 or 2 years off after rio. If she can keep 90% of what she has right now, that would be Olympic AA gold x 2..