Saturday 24 August 2019

Know your TJX from your TXJ! Abbreviation guide

Fear not, it's the gigantic reference guide of current Chinese gymnasts and former greats who are referenced frequently. Abbreviations are commonly used especially on twitter and lately have been causing a lot of confusion. I won't lie, it's not as simple as figuring out who Melka and Listy refer to but it does become easier with a bit of effort.

This is NOT an exhaustive list. I don't want it to become one because if it's too big and unwieldy it will just be annoying. Shang Chunsong is listed as currently competing because just when you think she isn't, there she is. Bless her.

This is stemming from my head and greatly helped by the vast knowledge of brilliant Chinese gym fans Golden China, Joshua, huanginhuangout and suiluwu.

Each abbreviation is a link to that gymnast's routine of er, my choice. Many of them are great at more than one event obviously so it's tough to pick one and sometimes they are higher scoring at another but fun to watch on whatever I picked. There will be routines they performed better than these also but my laptop keeps bouncing on and off the WiFi so...


OYS - Ou Yushan *2020 senior
CYL - Chen Yile
GCC - Guan Chenchen *2020 senior
LSJ- Li Shijia
YSS- Yin Sisi
WXY - Wei Xiaoyuan *2020 senior
LH - Luo Huan
LTT - Liu Tingting
DSY - Du Siyu
FYL - Fan Yilin
QQ - Qi Qi
LQ - Li Qi
ZST - Zhao Shiting
WJY - Wang Jingying *2020 senior
YLM - Yu Linmin
SCS - Shang Chunsong
WCY - Wang Cenyu
LJR - Liu Jinru
ZJ - Zhang Jin
TXJ - Tang Xijing
CXQ - Chen Xiaoqing
LJY - Liu Jieyu
ZRY- Zhou Ruiyu
QXJ - Qian Xuejia
LYF - Lu Yufei
LR - Luo Rui *2021 senior
MY - Mao Yi
LJQ - Lv/Lyu Jiaqi
LJX - Liu Jingxing
LYJ - Luo Youjuan
JFF - Jia Fangfang


BYW - Bai Yawen
WY - Wang Yan
ZSQ - Zeng Siqi
YJN- Yao Jinnan
HHD - Huang Huidan
HQS - Huang Qiushuang
SL - Sui Lu
ZYLZ - Zhang Yelinzi
LPR - Luo Peiru
WLF - Wu Liufang
CSY - Chen Siyi
TSX - Tan Sixin
TJX - Tan Jiaxin
LNN - Lou Nina
DYL - Deng Yalan
HK - Hong Ke
XYF - Xie Yufen
CJ - Cui Jie


YYL - Yang Yilin
DLL - Deng Linlin
JYY - Jiang Yuyuan
HKX - He Kexin
LSS - Li Shanshan
CF - Cheng Fei


XS - Xiao Sha
LY - Li Ya
PPP - Pang Panpan
ZN - Zhang Nan
FY - Fan Ye
CCT - Chen Cuiting
DFX - Dong Fangxiao
ZD - Zhou Duan
ZZR - Zhou Zhuoru
MHL - Mo Huilan
BWJ - Bi Wenjing
LJ - Ling Jie
MYH - Ma Yanhong
LL - Li Li/Lu Li *This is fun as they both competed at Barcelona '92.
FD - Fan Di
MF - Meng Fei
YB - Yang Bo
KX - Kang Xin
LX - Liu Xuan
YY - Yang Yun
KYY - Kui Yuanyuan
BCY - Bai Chunyue
JLY - Ji Liya
SXJ - Sun Xiaojiao
WJN - Wu Jiani
QY - Qiao Ya
HXM - He Xuemei
HMD - Huang Mandan

I hope everyone has some idea how hard it is to pick one routine for the likes of Yao Jinnan, Mo Huilan and Li Ya amongst others. Not to mention the emotions of watching what could have been with Lou Nina, Tan Sixin, Zeng Siqi and Luo Peiru.

This took more than 3 hours to compile and the main reason is because if the likes of Yang Bo's beam routine loads, am I going to NOT watch? Unlikely. Anyway, please feel free to comment any glaring omissions. I'm sure there are some. But again, it's not meant to be exhaustive.

Don't forget to take the abbreivation quiz! Do you find it easy to know who is who? I personally am torn between it being potentially isolating for new fans and the sheer and utter convenience and space-saving of it in chats, twitter etc. As somebody with zero written/spoken Mandarin knowledge in any form, it's difficult to get Zhou Zhuoru right every time and I'd much rather use ZZR. However I will continue to not use them here as I feel it suits more informal forms of media.


  1. Thanks! I'm probably who you were thinking of that needed this list. Love the Chinese gymnastics competitors. But the unfamiliar names make it hard for me to keep them sorted out

    1. I got very used to it especially in the YJN v HHD bars and SL v DLL beam discussions haha and it becomes easier after that. But when there's newer gymnasts around it's handy to be aware of full names too.