Friday, 28 September 2012

Talia Chiarelli men's floor. Father Ted

Saw this on Bekah The Gym Fan's tumblr. Talia trains at Brestyan's (Aly and Alicia's gym) but competes for Canada. She was injured and was therefore out of the running for Canada's team. Here she is enacting a men's routine! It's actually perfectly done, brilliant.
I am pretty sure that Aly can be heard saying 'She forgot that other thing'..sounds a lot like her anyway.

If you have more time, I cannot recommend watching the below enough. This is an Irish comedy with Irish actors produced in the UK. It was highly successful in the 90's and only ended because the main character died. It is arguably MORE successful today. Many had their careers launched off the back of it. Father Ted quotes are brought into every situation, repeats are always on TV and anyone who says they think it's past it gets torn apart. Anyway, this is usually cited as the best episode..but there are many absolute classics. The humour tends to be a bit insular to Irish situations going on at the time like the divorce referendum in some episodes but this one is more accessible I think to all nations. Seriously, you won't regret spending the time watching it.

Yes I wanted a break from Russian drama!

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