Thursday, 28 February 2013

SCAM podium training live! Update- 2nd session videos

I hope everyone who can is already watching this! EDIT- Video has been changed to archive footage of the whole thing. MOAR EDIT- Couch Gymnast just tweeted a very interesting fact from Simone's interview- she is training triple yurchenkos! I knew she was well capable but WOW!!!

Thoughts so far:

(It's only showing Americans, currently on first event- beam)

Kyla is soooo solid on beam. It looks like a carbon copy of her London routine. That sheep jump would not get credit now outside of US, same for the switch ring leap. But so great to see her like this! She is definitely taller, looks like she'll be pushing 5'4 before long. I'm wondering the possibility of her exhibitioning bars too? Don't forget she can exhibition all 4 events, like Gabby last year.

Simone is steady, though not as much as Kyla suprisingly. Great attack on her punchfront and pike back. She is pretty much doing her 2012 routine too, with...dun dun dun..a full in beam dismount! I have no idea what that does to her SV, I'm guessing good things obviously. She looks more confident and her cossack turn which I think now has more rotations than the single one she was doing last year looks amazing.

Katelyn looks much better than she did at the WOGA classic. Her connections look more fluid, and crediting them won't be a joke, though still a little generous. That series looks like she will be absolutely nailing it without a doubt soon enough- the Onodi, aerial, aerial, Sheep one. The layout full is still very piked though she's now landing it very well. Worth making it tucked all the same, I don't see her ever getting it to a creditable laidout position (except in the US.) She looks very confident. Will be interesting to see what she pulls out for vault, that is the dealbreaker now.

According to live hits Elizabeth Seitz is doing a Geinger, not a Def. She has not done it since London I believe as the Geinger was surfacing in its place in other competitions post London. If she doesn't fling it on Saturday then the bronze I had already pretty much awarded her looks under threat. All eyes on what Asuka Teramoto will bring. Vanessa Ferrari is also a good bet for bronze, but I don't think she will be throwing full difficulty here at all. She's in it for the money, and nothing wrong with that. I relish any chance to see her perform.

Gabby Jupp has a full twisting double layout bars dismount! Excellent stuff.

Update: I think they are at least seeing if Kyla can do more than beam in podium training..she is training floor. Some nice double backs with too much power. She's a giant now, you can tell even by the amount of space her backhandsprings on floor take up. Taller than me at least. (Note: I am 5'3) Loooads of repetitions of her leap series. The switch ring leap looks to have the required 90 degree angle. The second leap is giving her trouble, she's short of 180 degrees on it. Simone had some crazy fast tumbles, a sky-high double layout and a lovely full in. I missed others people were talking about..a 1 and a half into double pike and a possible 3.5 twist (???). She definitely threw a double double apparently, yay! I missed it. On rewatching, all of these things happened- couldn't swear to the 3.5 twist but it was facing the right way and did not look like a 2.5. WOW. The floor rotation was really short. I saw Katelyn do a Memmel turn and that was it. Hmmmm. Gabby has a double turn on beam. Elizabeth Seitz falling all over the place on beam, damn.

Moving onto vault. Kyla is doing vault timers. So that's 3/3 events being trained so far. Her heel is wrapped. Okay, nobody doing anything other than timers, they're saving the hard pounding. Simone's timers are enormous, so looking forward to seeing her on Saturday. Katelyn's seemed fine. Gabby looks nice and sharp on floor. A contender for bronze??? The camera has cut away from showing bars, I really wanted to see Asuka doing something other than chalk! Victoria having issues on beam, and crashed a DTY earlier.

Oooo, bars! Katelyn and Simone absolutely nailing handstands, especially Simone, but both deteriorated as the repetitions went on. Kyla looking well, messy shap 1/2 but it did improve. She didn't push herself and only did half routines. Her Pak looks a little jarring, it doesn't flow as well as it did. Gorgeous lines, and fabulous double layout dismount. Simone had issues, fell on a Shap and then came back and stormed every Shap since with no chance of falling short. She fell on a release twice, fairly sure it's new so maybe she won't include it in her routine yet. Nice and sharp, her form looks better too. Her dismount was way above the bar and looks like she could do a double double tucked or laidout in her sleep, lands completely upright as if she was doing a flyaway. Nice crisp turns. Katelyn looks zippier on bars, though she was a little sluggish towards the end. Her legs are still coming apart on (late) turns but she seemed more confident. She does that thing I hate that WOGA always do before stalders, where their back completely bends first- I don't know what you call that, but Bross was a big offender. It's still a routine with lots of little flaws, I would agree with the concensus that it looks too much for her. I didn't see a totally wonky Healy, but that could just be the angle I'm watching at. Hard to tell who was strongest on bars really...


So, in a very interesting and awesome turn, Kyla is training all 4 events! This to me does not mean the injury story is a con, but that it was impacting her training so they've lessened the pressure on her by making her the exhibition. So she can do as much as she wants. I think she is recovered, just that the story is correct- it affected her training for a few weeks and ability to definitely have all 4 events down. Looks like she will anyway, but I hope she does at least 2 events.

Simone has upgrades! A full in off beam, a double double on floor, a 1.5 to double pike and what I'd swear is a 3.5 twist, two new bars releases and a transition and an acro line on beam with a layout- very Chinese. Her bars were not brilliant for her though, with some falls. Hopefully she will just get that out of her system now and be perfect on Saturday. Her bars thankfully look cleaner, her beam is crisper, her floor has fantastic looking upgrades and her vault will no doubt raise the roof. No idea what vault Katelyn will bring since they all just did timers. Kyla looks capable of bringing her London routines, I don't think we will see any upgrades from her though. But seeing her at all will be a treat. Katelyn looks improved from WOGA classic, much sharper. Her bars still have numerous issues but I'n not sure if the glaring one, the Healy, is still present and they look a little tiring for her. Beam is very snappy, she looks much more on but the layout full still needs to be binned. Utterly fabulous beam routine but all in all, I'm not convinced she can win. She will need more an FTY and some unfair scoring or mistakes to do that.

Sadly I didn't see near enough of the other competitors. Great reports about Gabby Jupp and Maegan Chant, as well as Vanessa Ferrari. Elizabeth and Victoria both displayed numerous issues, and Elizabeth will more than likely not throw the Def. Not much said about Asuka so I can't really judge where she's at. The fight for bronze will be equally as interesting as the fight for gold.

VIDEO now is the archive footage. The girls are wearing Under Armour leos, who have secured a contract with USAG until 2020. Personally I'd prefer Adidas (actual Adidas, not GK swirls..), with a mixture of old school and newer type leos. They are perfection. So these leos are nothing to write home about but Alicia has worn some brilliant ones so there is plenty of hope yet.

UPDATE- Some videos from the second podium training session. Much nicer leos, love the colour of them and the style. This one has proper floor and vaults, a wise move to save it and spread the four events.

SPOILER- Katelyn has her DTY back and Kyla is still using her old music. I did not notice the head fling plaguing it so maybe she either did not do all of the choreography or has mixed it up a bit. Katelyn's DTY has winner written all over it. Her bars will be leniently dealt with, her beam is ginormous, she has an acceptable vault now and her floor is half decent. Simone will need to be more on than she showed today to beat her, but since I don't know her start values or indeed Katelyn's except her vault and beam it's really hard to know who has what d-score advantage.

Kyla had a great upright DTY, noticeably better than Katelyn's, as would be expected. She seems to have lost form a bit on it though, and I noticed the same about her bars...maybe she is just not pushing herself to the limit, understandable. It could be her height either messing things up a bit. I wonder what all of those back layout passes will transform into! If not now then later on in the year. Simone's vault is as huge as ever, though I'd love if she tightened up her feet a bit.

Simone and Katelyn both have new floor routines. There's a comment under Katelyn's saying it's a Eurovision song. Hmm, can't have been a great one or I'd know it. Edit- It's Azerbaijan 2009. Fun fact- two other Americans currently (well, 2012..) have Eurovision floor music- Jordyn Wieber with Ukraine's 2004 entry and Alexis Buecler with Ukraine's 2007 entry. The former was a winner and the second did very well. The second one has to be heard to be believed- there are lots of Eurovision songs that push the weird boat out but nobody has ever topped this, it's insane! And awesome.

Moving on...I like the routines of both girls. I think Simone's old music may have suited her style better, but a bit early to really confirm that. GREAT tumbling, double double, double easy for her. It would be fantastic if she can plant those landings in competition. I wonder if she'll sneak a jump or two in? They can still be done, and she has crazy power. She didn't show all of her passes from earlier, but that is just one routine, so who knows. Katelyn's tumbling is a bit sloppy looking, hopefully she can get it more polished. Still a very good routine though, loving the last combination pass though it spells RISK all over it.


  1. Oh no think I've missed most of this as I've just got home from school! Have they shown bars yet?

    1. I missed the warm up, apparently they did some warm up on bars but I'm not sure if that means they're done with it. Everyone else is still going anyway, hopefully some bars coming up..

  2. I am dying to see more of Kyla! Thanks for the updates Catherine. I'm new to your blog and have really been enjoying it. And your comment about Kyla being a "giant now" cracks me up. Bars now!

  3. Whooo hoo Im watching it from my desk at work? I was surprised to see Kyla doing vault timers and yes she looks to have grown a lot but she still looks fit.

    Simone is killing those vaults. I hope her confidence Carries through to Sat.

  4. Haha yes you can definitely see how much Kyla has grown by watching her bars. From what I've seen so far she seems to be more prepared on bars than Katelyn - all those piruettes look to be giving her trouble.

    Usagym have put up some individual videos on youtube so I'm off to watch beam.

  5. USAG have stuck up an archive video of the whole thing so I've switched that one in. There are also individual videos. I'll be rewatching what I missed on floor earlier. I edited to include it for people who miss that on twitter- the timing of PT itself not great for watching so the archive is a brilliant move by USAG.

  6. I watched the livestream last night!!! it was crazy of me to do so! (I watched it from 00:30~01:30 and then waked up at 6:30 as I needed to arrive at school before 7:30) After watching it, I decided to stay up late to watch livestream tomorrow as I barely saw Asuka last night:( I only saw her on beam when she was continually trying double turn in Tuckstand on one foot and failed to complete it (she tried 5~6 times...). Hope tomorrow we can see more from her!

    Katelyn is much better than I expected and it is good to see that. her arebien into Sisson(I know this spelling is wrong...) isn't steady enough compared to DDDD series. (although I don't like her to do two aerial so as to get more SV... but it's very valuable definitely) Her layout 1/1 is a problem but her single layout has same issue... so I don't know which one she performs will get less deduction. Glad to see her DTY (decent for her) and now the big question mark is her UB. It seems that she can't connect that series so I have no idea what routine she will perform tomorrow. Now I think whether she can win the title will depend on her UB routine if there are no major mistakes in the other three routines. Interesting :P

    Biles is great! although most of her upgrades had been showed on gymnastike's videos before but it's still fantastic to see them in comp! That full-in dismount seems nothing to her that is incredible but I don't like the immediately choreo after her aerial as it looks like she can't stick it (I thik judges will think so as well). Hope she can improve it. This connection won't be credited definitely although USAG's scoring system isn't strict at all. (She did this connection many times and almost failed every time... Her coach need to change it.)
    Kyla told to gymnastike that she had some upgrades but last night we just saw one upgraded leap, it's gorgeous though. Hope next time we can see her other upgrades! A pity that her switch ring leap into back tuck vanished from her beam routine but she is solid as usual except for front tuck and dismount (they are still decent )which I think is effected by her minor injury so it's okay. She seemed to have no energy to complete her bar routine after doing jeager but never mind as she didn't need to force herself then.
    I also read TCG's post and there are some fantastic skills from Canadian and British gymnasts which will be interesting to see tomorrow (They didn't write about Asuka, either. Disappointed :( ) Ahhh I'm too excited now!

    1. Yes I really wanted to see/hear about Asuka! What I did hear is that she's not powerful on vault, her block isn't great due to her size. She had a fall or two on bars and a bit of leg seperation in her turns. Heard nothing at all about her strong events. She was out after London for a good while with injury so I doubt she's had the chance to upgrade yet.

      It's going to be a fascinating fight for gold now. Katelyn's beam will I think score a 16.2 which is just craziness! (It is out of 7.3). Simone's vault should get a 15.8, Katelyn's a 14.8-9 (less outside US), hmmmm. I don't know the bars d-scores of either, and floor Simone is 0.3 ahead of Katelyn but she has more than what she showed in the routine posted from the second training session. It will be tight I think. And bronze is wide open I think.

      I think Katelyn should do the full tucked, like Larisa Iordache does. The layout position is not her friend now that she's grown. Simone's layout is a bit flat, I expected more amplitude on it but it seems only China can teach it properly. She will have issues with some of her leaps, straddles are fine but the Strug has to go. I'm not sure what the story is with the weird step-hop after the aerial! Maybe she can incorporate that better. Haha no, it makes me laugh when I think of really strict competitions like Chinese Nationals where beautiful routines are slammed in execution and then the idea of Aly scoring a 15.8 on floor and Gabby getting a DTY credited as an amanar (Pac Rims where she missed her hand.)

      I'm hoping Kyla can pike her beam dismount. Not tomorrow, but later on. I'd suggest a 2.5/triple full but it doesn't seem like she's a particularly fast twister so maybe not. I expect upgrades from her later..I did expect some for this, but she has been hampered by losing out on training time etc. so I would expect her London routine(s) with slight tweaks for the code. It makes me laugh how they are now resting before a pass without pausing in the corner.

      I'm so looking forward to Gabby and Maegan. That's a shame that the time difference doesn't work out well for you, but you can always sleep in on Sunday hopefully!

      Oh, Aliya <3 The first combination is great! Second is a leap into side-somi which I think has no CV or SV?
      Russian Championships will be very interesting!

      Btw, here are the whole routines' D score from American Cup's PT video in Baidu, although they were written in Chinese but I think you still can know most of them with google:P I know most of the skills in Chinese but can translate few into English. sorry for my poor English again :(

      I think the technique of full tuck is different from layout full? I hope she can use it instead of layout full as well if Liukin knows how to teach this technique. (Or if Martha knows a lot about this skill which Romania is so good at:P JK ) Her switch ring leap hasn't been adjusted to new rule. Liukin should pay attention on it.

      Biles's aerial seems has had trouble for years...there's usually a step or a wobble after it. Maybe this lol choreo is because of this problem but it doesn't make sense I think so maybe taking off this skill from her routine is better to her unless she can perform it well.
      Chinese scoring system is just a joke to me as the consequences from all Chinese Nationals affect the leadership of every province a lot. If all gymnasts are scored strictly, then it's good but the fact is that there are unfair scores everywhere(like SCS's beam in Trials. Hilarious...) and the same situation happens in US as well. (the only diffierent between them is that the scores in USA are high or too high while in China are low or much lower lol)

      Kyla's father is 190 cm tall so I'm so worried about how tall Kyla will be :S Although Izbasa is nearly 170 cm and still is fantastic on floor but I think it's most because of Bellu who is excel at teaching FX and VT besides Izbasa is talented. Kyla's coaches have some problems in VT judging from Kyla's Y900 but I have no idea whether they have good tumbling technique to teach those who are as tall as kyla. And I think Kyla doesn't like to use skills which she can't perform them perfectly. (I don't think she didn't learn new skills or connection on floor these 2~3 years...)

      I have to take a rest now as the comp will start at 2:00 but I have a math class in 9 a.m. So crazy...