Saturday, 2 March 2013

Hurray for livestreams

I can't wait for SCAM T- 4 hours. I'll be watching on so I'll miss the usual impeccable commentary NBC will provide. Now with Nastia! Those in the US can watch on NBC (after the men have done their first two rotations) or alternatively USAG are streaming the first 90 minutes. This will I think be very similar to their podium training stream, ie. no commentary. I'm looking forward to seeing more routines in place of NBC focusing on Katelyn tying her hair for 5 minutes, their usual practice.

Russian Championships will be livestreamed! I missed podium training today. Tomorrow is qualification and the all-around final for WAG- with team competition and event finals to follow in the next few days. The timezones are not very friendly to those in the US, they are okay for me though :)

WAG qualification for all-around- 11:00- 12:45
WAG all-around final 13:00- 14:45

Timezone information- Quals will start at 8AM for CET, 7AM for GMT, 2AM for EST and 11PM (11PM tonight, Saturday) for PST.
The AA with start 2 hours later!

WAG team final- 15:00- 17:30 

Timezone information- TF will start at 12PM CET, 11AM GMT, 6AM EST and 3AM PST.

WAG event finals- Vault and uneven bars- 11:00-13:00

Timezone information- EF will start at 8AM CET, 7AM GMT, 2AM EST and 11PM PST

WAG event finals- beam and floor- 11:00-13:00

Timezone information- EF will start at 8AM CET, 7AM GMT, 2AM EST and 11PM PST.

Livestream will be HERE. The link is

Apparently Aliya Mustafina trained a whole load of new beam combinations today. Very interesting!

EDIT- Full report/review of American Cup coming tomorrow, it's already 9pm here so I'm not going to do it tonight. Since the scoring was decent (ahem some underscores and slight overscores, but nothing crazy) I'll probably drop the SCAM title. It's addictive to call it that since it's so much shorter. I also want to review some routines. I did see every single one (no skips or ads on my feed!) but there are a few I'd like to relive first. I'll be up for Russian Championships..I'll give 7AM quals a miss and be ready for the AA and merge both posts together probably. Exciting, what a weekend!


  1. Yeah Russia is about 7 hours ahead of us here in NY. Im looking forward to seeing what musty, grishina, and the new seniors bring to the table. Im not so excited to see paseka especially if shes only doing vault.
    I believe paseka is capable of being more than a vault specialist. I could see her doing floor in the neae future. But first she must fix that crappy amanar and her form on preflight amd in the air.

    1. Penza is down as being 4 hours ahead of me here in GMT, so 9 hours ahead of NY. We do daylight savings time which throws it out, and maybe they do as well. So it should be 9, not 7. I hope it's right!

    2. I'm most looking forward to Baturina, Mustafina and Dementeyeva. Paseka was held back by injuries, will be interesting to see what else she has to offer. She did not have great form on bars last year as shown in the training camp videos but they were a good while ago.

  2. Do you have a direct link to the German feed? The one I've got says it starts at 7pm Germany time not 5.30pm as you said previously. Thanks.

    1. Yeah this is extremely confusing. That would mean 6PM GMT, an hour and a half after it was supposed to. It's billed everywhere as 4:30 GMT! I think what it will do is skip the opening ceremonies, fluff, anthem, and the first two men's rotations..not that that makes perfect sense, missing a bit of Marcel. I'm not sure if that will take up all that time though! I'll have my eye on it.