Sunday, 30 March 2014


Source- worstsimpsonspageever.tumblr

Not actual technical difficulties but I love this. Just very busy at the moment but never fear (if anyone's fearing), I'm around and will post again, probably around Easter. I'm watching some videos but unable to follow full competitions and streams unfortunately.


  1. Bummer! Enjoy your time off


    Check out the dismount. Pretty cool huh. An btw, I don't think that's in the code is it?

    1. Swing backwards to 1 and 1/2 or 2/1 twists (stretched) is a C dismount (6.308) - but it is a really neat dismount. It's a shame we only see chusovitinas and double layouts dismounts. I would give Mustafina, Moors and whichever Romanian gymnast that did the 2 and 1/2 twisting dismount at Jesolo a million tenths for competing unusual dismounts.

      Catherine, I hope you can come back soon - there was some really great stuff the past couple of weeks. Team GB looks so strong this year! Also, I can't wait to see what the Russians are up to!

    2. I cannot believe it's actually a C. Should be worth at least the same as the 2 and a half which is a D.

    3. One way to think about it that it's a single salto - whereas the swing backwards double front dismount (D) off bars requires more power and rotation to get both flips around.

    4. But you need considerable height to twist twice an it's a really difficult dismount to land. It's just as hard as the two and a half because the front giant gets you less swing then the backwards one.