Thursday 20 March 2014

'Quick hits' from Jesolo podium training videos

I am confused as to whether Day 2 is open access or not, it was then it wasn't. Day 1 is definitely not. The below is a combination of both.

Kyla Ross' routines are the same. Very clean on bars and beam, although one or two wobbles on the latter and her front tuck-wolf jump was lacking due to energy it seemed. Stuck a lovely DTY. All in all, she looks good but not her best I think. Ankles had some hefty bandaging/support on beam. Lack of upgrades are the constant theme with her but since she is recovering from a back injury, it's not very surprising and definitely understandable.

Edit- Floor is up. Double arabian-stag, double pike, 1.5-front full, double tuck. She's not following the pass direction rules for which the cut-off is approaching fast. I forget if others are :p Very clean and controlled routine.

Mykayla Skinner's amanar is back! And although it's a significant squat on landing - 90 degree knee bend, it looks quite secure and 'on'. Nice form too. The Cheng was great in the air and landing...her block usually needs a screenshot to see if she used both hands and I can't do that on my phone. It looks like she used both hands (she did not at the Level 10 a while back) but barely. Her tucked double double was shown (her d-score is reportedly 6.8 now although dependent on getting full credit from dance elements) and it was nice, seemed very easy for her. Bars have such an ease in the swing but too many form errors bringing them down, it's a shame.

Beam was...wait for it..watchable! The wolf turn from hell is gone and she has calmed down on the ambitious connections to increase consistency. The BHS-arabian was impressive, lots of height on the arabian and a great upright landing Nia Dennis would approve of. Sadly the BHS is reminiscent of Dominique Dawes on beam. Other acro skills like punchfronts and the side aerial were very nice. Her basic leaps seemed to be hit or enough to be declared 180. The switch half HAS improved thankfully. There's an L-turn-single turn combination, her leg dips up and down a bit on the L but it's fine. She did not do the upgraded dismount she's training - Patterson I think? I don't believe she did the Fabrichnova either. I'm curious to see how she will do, she has definitely put the effort in for more than just d-scores.

Edit - Her full floor just went up. Same tumbles - Moors, Silivas, double arabian - stag, 1.5 to 2.5. The middle passes have switched around. Energy to spare on the first 3, bounced a bit out of the Silivas. Her first pass is really quite laid out for nearly all of it, nice. I'm not sure we will ever see it fully perfectly laid out though. On her last pass she was short a bit. The switch half was..good! Double L turn was okay also.

Peyton Ernst did a dance-through on floor. I watched it without music so not very helpful. Some nice poses showing off her back flexibility and her end pose is great - combines Viktoria Komova's 2011 one and Anna Pavlova's in 2008! Rachel Gowey also did a dance-through. Very elegant arm movements and her lines look lovely, but it didn't seem very expressive or outstanding. Will have to judge both in competition when they're in performance mode. Peyton's beam was solid.

Edit- Full floor went up. Solid tumbling including lovely double layout and double arabian, a little low on the former.

Rachel Gowey did a triple full and made it look like a single twist, so effortless. Hopefully she can nudge the 3.5 back into her routine. Gorgeous form on it. Her bars are not quite there yet, issues with handstands and little form things - her Pak for instance was over arched with oddly flexed feet. Fabulous straight double layout, same as Norah Flatley's. No shap full. Beautiful beam! Floaty BHS-LOSO-LOSO with perfect form and her leaps have improved since last year. Really promising.

Edit- full floor is up. She's doing tuck full in, front double full-front tuck, triple full, double tuck. She landed the first two very low, big stumble on the first and almost sitting the second. Dissappointing but hopefully she'll improve for the competition. She looks great movement, I'm not sold on expression or performance/choreography yet but it's just training.

Bailie Key looks like..Bailie Key. Great DTY. Her bars have been reworked a bit - she has the Church in (or Ricna? Sorry I don't know which) but the Jaeger is still there - petition to dump it and replace with Gienger please! Beautiful Pak, perfect shape and form. Stunning lines. Stalder half might be new also.

Edit - Beam is up. Fabulous, just stunning work. The arabian is in, deep landing but very secure. Aerial-wolf-straddle is very nice.

Nia Dennis showed off a huge DTY. Hit the ceiling on her Tkachev, no piked Tkachev and she did a double pike. Not sure if warm-up or downgrades out of season as she fully bounces back from injury. Nice shape in her Pak too but a little far forward on catching.

Jordan Chiles looks good. Yet another good DTY and her bars are taking shape nicely. She is not hitting handstands but at her age, I wouldn't be concerned. She has step-downs like Kyla! Nice ease in her swing.

Edit- Great floor. Double Arabian and front double-layout front to start. Too much energy on the punchfront and stepped OOB but really a lovely routine. She has a lot of presence I think. Beam is up too, a little bit wobbly but has the makings of a great routine.

Alyssa Baumann was wobbly on beam and broke a few connections. Lovely Onodi but her arabian was landed very low. Emily Gaskins was quite hesitant on beam, a little nervy looking. Gorgeous line on bars but little form issues.

Madison Kocian's bars look cleaner I thought. Bent elbows are her enemy still but the routine looked sharper in general.

Norah Flatley had two beam routines uploaded. Stunning. Just, the full package on that apparatus. She did break the really long connection both times but meh, it's so hard to connect it all. Her bars looked good but not great, still getting there. She's so tiny, I think she needs to grow to really fulfil her potential. FTY did not look like an upgrade will be forthcoming any time soon, fairly piked down.

Edit- floor is up. Nice dance, suits her. Some issues with landings, stumbled out of her triple full sideways and she landed the double pike bent in half, bouncing backwards and putting her hands down. Both she and Rachel are doing a turn combination which has me baffled - double L to single L, in opposite directions. Can they be the same type of turn for CV? Hmm. Norah is definitely lacking power anyway.

Maggie Nichols looks solid. Opens her beam with a Barani, nice! Wobbled on it but I'll overlook that, love this skill. Looks to be working a front aerial-split jump-scissone-side somi series, hmm, interesting. Head too close to the beam on her LOSO in BHS-LOSO series. I would put her a little ahead of Peyton without seeing floor, although Peyton's beam was more solid.


    Did she upgrade floor? Change of music?

    1. I just edited this in. Same music, no upgrades. In fact I believe she has downgraded. The tuck full in is out and a 1.5-immediate front full is in. Pass order is dbl arabian-stag, dbl pike, 1.5-front full, dbl tuck.

      With her back issue I doubt she will upgrade any time soon.

    2. The 3/2 punch full isn't much of a downgrade either - it's worth 0.1 CV (C+C), so it's really only -0.1 DV to what she performed in Antwerp. I just found a copy of the results from Jeselo and saw she received 5.5 for her routine. Did she compete the Ferrari or just a 1/1 split leap?

    3. Seems like videos are finding their way to youtube, Gym Fan 's channel has many from today's competition

  2. So we cannot see any of this videos if we don't subscribe to gold?

    1. Day 1, no. Day 2- I'm not sure. They were free, then not, not sure if they still are as they all load for me anyway on my phone. Usually gymnastike unblock training videos a day or so later so they'll probably be open at the weekend but then the actual competition will be streamed live and free by Italian Federation so...

  3. Thanks for your analysis. Good read. We peasants cannot afford to pay Gymnastike's ridiculous monthly fee.

    1. I too am a peasant. It just works on some phones :D

    2. I just tried on my phone, it didn't work :(

      Do you think Gymnastike hired piibunia? I hope piibunia is there and will post the videos at some point.

    3. What's piibunia

    4. I know its a channel on youtube that usually posts gymnastics videos

    5. Piibunina travels all over the world to gymnastics meets and takes great videos. We have all watched a lot of his back catalogue :) He doesn't work for any gymnastics related company. He takes a lot of Chinese videos we'd never see otherwise but is really international..has been to Jesolo, Anadia, Antwerp and loads of meets besides.

      No it's some WP phones.

  4. Hi Catherine

    First question my 2016 Olympic team relevant

    Nia Dennis, norah flatley, Bailey key, alyssa bauman, and Laurie Hernandez

    Simone could factor into this team if she stays healthy

    I picked this team because

    Vault: Bailey laurie nia (hopefully all will have amanars)

    Bars: Alyssa, Nia. Norah

    Beam: alyssa. Bailey. Norah

    Floor: Bailey. Nia. Laurie

    Is this a good team??

    Next question does this podium training change your world predictions

    1. It's seriously too early for 2016 predictions imo... wait till late 2015, maybe. You really can't tell how the juniors will turn out, what happens with injuries etc. Just look at Biles coming from nowhere and taking the world by storm, Ohashi's injuries which make her return to elite unlikely even though she was the Next Big Thing one year ago. It's just too early.

    2. I understand that part but I wanna know if the Olympics was tomorrow and our juniors were seniors and they turned out to be their true potential is this relevant

    3. If Rio was sooner, I think it's 4/5 relevant. Alyssa..I don't see it yet. The UB/BB specialist is very important this year but less so when the 15/16 batch turn senior, more AA girls who are good at both.

      Impossible to predict of course. Biles is on every major team for me once healthy. Gowey's beam exceeded expectations for me, and I definitely expected quite a bit from her there. But hard to tell about her bars. Kocian and Gowey are a little ahead of Baumann for me right now, and all 3 ahead of Hults.

    4. Yea I was debating about the Madisons and Rachel
      But bottom line with the talent US has anything less than gold on team or all around will be disappointing definitely at worlds or olympics but u never know Russia came into 2010 as the best but u.s has been the best since 2011 this years and ones upcoming will be thrilling

  5. Hi Catherine, now that there have been some Serie A meets and Jesolo - will you be updating the Italian team for Nanning?

  6. Have you seen Fadwa's latest Produnova. I looks SO scary.
    BTW, I was wondering, she technically landed the vault, so that's not considered a fall right?

    1. Christ. No, as her feet firmly landed first. The only question really is will the FIG deal with this vault before or after a catastrophic injury?

    2. I just saw her produnova from worlds, It looked exactly the same. Although I don't think she should be doing this vault it'll be interesting to see if she can land it properly anytime soon. But honestly, I'd just rather she got rid of it.