Tuesday 13 May 2014


I recently got a full-time job in my field. Hurray! I also have to work a part-time job at the same time for the next few weeks. It's really detrimental to both blogging and following live streams and videos, hence total silence when exciting events like Chinese Nationals and Euros were/are taking place. I should be able to blog on Sunday maybe and on a more frequent basis in a while, even just to dissect Euros when I catch up. I haven't gone away and I'm looking forward to getting back into gymnastics :)

Written on my phone on one of my many, many daily bus journeys :p


  1. Congratulations on landing a job and good luck to you! I'm looking forward to your return to the blog.

  2. congrats! what field are you in?

  3. Yay! Congrats on your job! I remember you saying before the job market in your field was very poor, so that's such great news! We miss you, but I'm glad life is working out well. Come back when you can. I'm going to Euros tomorrow - missing junior quals, but should get there in time for the key subdivision of senior quals. Hurrah!!

    1. Thanks Rachel, lovely to hear. I remember you saying about Euros..can't believe they're here already. Have a great time!

    2. Euros was amazing!!!!!!!!!! I am having massive gymnastics withdrawal symptoms (also because I am supposed to be finishing my dissertation, oops). It was a really good competition... nice tight team competition, really brilliant work from the GB team, exciting event finals with pretty much dream podium finishes. Very few falls from the major teams/contenders, exciting routines with lots of difficulty, amazing atmosphere.. I'm now dreaming about going to Euros and Worlds 2015, don't think I can make Nanning this year. Routines and skills are really so much more impressive when you see them in real life up close and not on a screen, and FX is so much cooler also with the atmosphere and really loud surround sound music.

      Favourite routines of the competition:
      - Mustafina bars (her handstands are unbelievably perfect and her control astonishing... I do think her E score was too low there but she did get gifted various connections on beam so whatevs)
      - Didi floor (BEST MUSIC AND CHOREO EVER and I just love Didi so much, such a huge improvement on her old floor music and (lack of) choreo
      - Ferrari FX EF - suits her so well, so mature and the tumbling was insane as always... Vany, still rocking a double double what, 8 years from first competing one? And the new DLO was great.
      - Pavs VT EF. A giant f*** you to Valentina Rod and she even pushed Sosnitskaya off the podium. But Pavs, oh Pavs. I wanted to cry. I almost cried when Pavs was crying when the results were announced. All the warm fuzzy feelings.

  4. A job in your field, that's great! Good luck with your work!

  5. Congrats!!!!! it is nice to know my favorite blogger is very successful!!!!

  6. I hope you're enjoying work, but I am still hoping for your return to your blog!

  7. When you get a chance I'd love to hear your thoughts on Euros!