Monday 16 June 2014

Bits and pieces

I'm baaack!

Now I just have the one job so have some actual time to blog rather than work all the time. Unfortunately, Euros, Jesolo and Chinese Nationals passed by in a confused blur. Gymnastics-wise, I felt very proud of myself for actually managing to buy Glasgow 2015 tickets, although a day into priority ticketing and the really good lower stands were already gone grrr.

Here's a piece on Sae Miyakawa. She has been chosen to represent Japan at YOG, turning senior next year, and already impressed when she threw a gorgeous double front and floaty DLO last pass at Japan Junior International meet last year. She also has a very nifty DTY to her name. Skip to see the actual gymnastics: training a Biles at 1:48, fabulously floaty layout punchfront at 2:38, the double front at 2:59 and training a double double at 3:57, full-twisting DLO at 5:10 with some nice beam work and sort of nice (needs work) bars work throughout. Definitely one to keep an eye on both in Nanjing and in general and should hopefully shine in floor finals at the former despite stiff competition.

Lexie Priessman's gym change was confirmed today as Perfection gymnastics. MLT is definitely a strong coach in many respects but the breakage rate is far too high for me to be comfortable with so I'm happy with her move and hope Amelia Hundley and Emily Gaskins consider it too. At this stage, Lexie does not really slot into the worlds team and it's quite sad to see the toll injuries have taken on yet another star junior. It's frightening that we may not see her shine in senior elite, just like fellow superstar 2013 senior Katelyn Ohashi.

As mentioned above, I haven't really been able to form a cohesive opinion of meets which took place in the last while, so I'm extra impatient for YOG and US Classic! The latter is sooo late this year, I'm really excited to see how the Nanning team is shaping up. Particularly Simone Biles and Mykayla Skinner. I fully agree with Marta that the latter has improved bigtime and was quite impressed with her Jesolo routines. I'm not sure about that triple on floor though..she struggles fully rotating the 2.5 around as is in a full routine. Clearly not one to underestimate though. I completely realise that her basics are fundamentally lacking if not just plain bad and her leaps are eh, interesting to say the least, yet I cannot help but root for her. She's so very exciting and really has made tonnes of effort to better herself.

News out of Russia seems solely to consist of the latest surgery, injury, trip to Germany etc. which is very depressing. Can Aliya Mustafina stay in one piece and carry her team on her back, again? Is Afan done? What will Vika trip over next? Do China and Russia actually have six seniors plus alternates to send? Only time will tell...but it's a very exciting build-up to worlds :)


  1. I am so excited you are back, I haven't even stopped to read what you wrote yet! Hooray!

    1. Yes welcome back! Hopefully you also have less bus rides?

    2. Thanks! Nah still 4 daily but at least I have weekends now.

    3. Its great seeing you again! I am a new blogger, and I wanted to know how you do that cool label thing under the China's new Bonus System thing. I would love to do that!

  2. Miyakawa is very exciting! I hope she does well at YOG - do you know who else has been selected to go yet?

    Skinner's improvements and recent #1 finish at camp are good news for USA WAG. With Price out, Maroney injured and the gym switch for Priessman, Skinner is probably the most talented gymnast on floor and vault to be included on a team with a healthy Biles. She may even be the second AA gymnast the way things are going, but if Gowey puts all of her skills together consistently, I think it might be her.

    I'm also worried about team Russia. Mustafina also went on vacation to Israel before heading to Germany. I'm wondering if her ankle/foot problem is related to all of her new turns on floor.

    1. Japan are always first. Sae had a disastrous beam at NHK recently but her floor and vault kept her ahead of Aiko Sugihara. I think we will for sure see Wang Yan, Rebeca Andrade and Laura Jurca announced soon. Russia and GB have a choice.

      Foot/ankle injuries have nagged Mustafina, she was heavily taped at the Olympics and Alexandrov had issues with her TF apparatus positions because it didn't allow enough time for taping/retaping etc. At Antwerp her back was an issue iirc.

      Hmmm, I don't see Skinner beating out Ross for AA. Or Gowey, Ross is too reliable and both others are too untested. Gowey has not even competed at senior nationals yet. Skinner's bars are too messy I think. I don't think her leaps will be scored well either, she does fit in for fx/vt but she'll need her crazy fx start value to counteract deductions. And it needs to be nationals day 2 good.

    2. I'm becoming a big fan of Rebeca Andrade and Flavia Saraiva, so I am hoping great things from them.

      Thanks for explaining Mustafina's history of ankle problems. I didn't know it was that bad. I'm hoping she'll be back quick since there are only four months to get surgery, recover, and train before worlds. I'm hoping she doesn't need surgery, but if she does, I'm hoping she wont be rushed back to carry Russia.

      I love to make these wild predictions about the USA WAG. Tough to know, but I like the work I'm seeing from Skinner and Gowey, Gowey especially. Chow is really doing wonderful work with the gymnasts in his charge.

  3. Usa is so stacked with talent. Imagine a team with ebee , gabby, simone,. The world would not even have a response. They could just do all 4 in team final