Monday, 2 July 2012

USA blatant overscoring

It annoys me. It is healthier all around to score gymnasts as they could expect to score in London. The other thing about it is that it was selective. If you're going to overscore them, then overscore them all so that it's still a level playing field.

Jordyn and Aly scored impossibly high on floor, as did Gabby. Some OOB's not penalised, unfair on those that were. McKayla's score was too high night 1, but not by as much. Bars was blatant, especially in relation to Gabby and Jordyn's scores. By contrast, Anna and Kyla deserved higher even though their scores were a bit too high also. Nastia scored too high in all of her comps this year, sure they had to deduct for her falls and obvious form errors, but late handstands and turns were completely ignored, as were leg seps. In direct contract, McKayla's mistakes scored much much lower, even though she had a much stronger bars routine both days. Sure they were both crap, but McKayla had no falls Night 2 and had a strong unlaboured routine. Beam was more generous at Nationals than Trials, where it credited Jordyn's connections. All of the girls with wobbles scored too high, but it wasn't AS bad it could have been. Gabby's score again stood out here as a huge gift.

Kyla and McKayla out of the 5 had much fairer scores than the others. Gabby completely stands out as being far too gifted with her scores. 15.9 on bars with an error, 9.4 E score on floor with errors? Absolutely, Aly and Jordyn were also quite overscored, but the point remains that Gabby's gifts were greater. It was quite a desperate attempt to keep her ahead of Jordyn. In a way, it's a good thing, because it means Jordyn will be out for the kill in London. In a way, it's bad. Gabby's confidence isn't the best and building it up with overscores means the comedown could damage and shake her mentally when she scores fairly in London. It could shake others too, though Gabby's fragility seems like she will be the one to take it as a blow. By and large, the rest of the girls were marked fairly. It's not nice to see disparity in scoring. You're never going to hear 'woah Sabrina Vega was SO overscored' and not just because plenty of her routines were not broadcast. It's also because- she wasn't. I like the fact that John Geddert's blog mentions the 'weird scoring'. He also mentions that Marta and Bela are also taken aback by it. I'm not sure what to make of that..obviously he has much more of an insight than I do. BUT..why would the judges have an agenda of their own accord? It smacks of being controlled on high, unfortunately.

I have images in my head of Vika and Musty watching Gabby's bar routine and laughing at the score. And Romanians sniggering at the beam scores. It is true that by contrast, other countries Nationals have either fair scoring or harsh scoring. Russian scoring was a bit of a mix, though seemed mostly fair. Britsh Nationals were very scabby! WHY do USA continually do this? It serves no purpose. I assume their coaches will absolutely know better but it may gloss over aspects the gymnasts need to fix, and of course, build them up only to tear them down mentally. A good change has occurred this time, with the team named privately AT Trials. Hollie Vise's face is fixed in all of our minds forever, thanks NBC. Hopefully we can see more changes next quad, like non-delusional scoring.

 Will be having a look at Canadian Trials if available and German Trials. Now that the USA fuss will die down for a while, it's time to check out the others again!

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