Sunday, 11 November 2012

Asian Championships and news

Introducing team North Korea! Hong Un Jong is the one looking fierce third from left. I would imagine the three new girls who were only recently registered with FIG are the one on the left and the two on the right. WAG competition does not start until tomorrow, so these are just podium training leos. Interesting that they look straight from the wardrobe of Nastia. In more exciting news, Hong Un Jong unleashed an Amanar and Cheng! Seeing as both still have their 6.5 values, China's Li Yiting has some stiff competition.

I will update this with more news as the competition unfolds..and hopefully some videos. China's CCTV are covering some of the comp, so that will help. As of now, I predict that China will win team, and Zeng Siqi and Shang Chunsong will medal in the AA. Li Yiting and Hong Un Jong will place on vault, China will dominate bars and beam, while Japan and North Korea will have more of a say on floor.

China are a bit up and down in team finals, though since they can drop a score, they should still win. Shang Chungsong fell on bars, it looks like Luo Peiru fell on beam judging by her e-score, Huang Huidan fell on floor and went out of bounds, Luo Peiru fell on her DTY and Li Yiting crashed her second vault. Hmm. Vault and floor d-scores were very low, with the exception of Shang Chunsong on floor and Luo Peiru and Li Yiting on vault. Bars seems to have been exceptionally strong, with Huanh Huidan in particular scoring a huge 15.4 there. Likewise, Zeng Siqi put up a monster 15.3 on beam. Very interesting!Zeng Siqi has an AA total of 57.4, which will be hard to beat. Shang Chunsong is not far behind, with 56.45.


1. China
2. North Korea
3. Japan
4. South Korea

China's lead was sizeable, something like 10 points, but well done to North Korea for placing second in their first outing in quite a while. They also had very impressive vaulting on the mens side, as well as two Cheng's on the women's- a vault that was not seen this year in competition.


1. Zeng Siqi
2. Sung Ji-Hye (South Korea)
3. Shang Chunsong

Event finals results are not out yet, I am a bit confused about time and I'm not sure if they are underway/have taken place/yet to take place. In any case, as mentioned before, vault is a toss-up between Li Yiting and Hong Un Jong, beam should be easily won by Zeng Siqi and Huang Huidan should do the honours on bars. Floor is a bit more undecided, but Japan's Risa Konishi had the highest score there today. Shang Chunsong will place too. Great competition for China, and for Zeng Siqi in particular who is cementing her place as a top AA-er (certainly in Asia, but she obviously needs to get her DTY back to really contend elsewhere). Wonderful to watch, and cute as a button. I think I'm not alone in waiting with delight (not) for all the 4 year-fans to claim she's 5 years old once she gets on the scene internationally.

Here is most of today's competition, with the sad exception of Huang Huidan's bars, but we'll see them in EF anyway.

Event finals are a bit shocking! Phan Thi Ha Thanh won. Ri Un Ha, Hong Un Jong and Li Yiting all had falls. So did Risa Konishi. Also, Wu Liufang won bars! Huang Huidan had some form issues and problems with her dismount it seems. Hong Un Jong's vaults were both underrotated, but it looks like she can fix it. Ri Un Ha's first vault is a DTY and not an amanar as previously reported. She's a little sloppy but quite powerful. Zeng Siqi appears to have fallen (must look up videos soon) off beam, as she only managed a 7.9 e-score in EF. Enough for bronze though! Shang Chunsong won gold in both beam and floor.

In other news, Anastasia Sidorova who has no luck at all has partially torn her ACL. It seems she will be out for only a few weeks, but she is missing the Massilia Cup anyway. Hope to see her fighting fit soon! She is being replaced at that event by junior Viktoria Kuzmina. It also appears unlikely that Yulia Inshina will compete as she is scheduled to do, but no word on why there is suddenly such doubt about it.

Danusia Francis is learning one of the most awesome and incredibly rare beam acro moves..a free sideways cartwheel. The second one looks ready to go.

You can see Mai Murakami's floor from Japanese Nationals here. I know I know, I mention her a lot. Too bad, she's amazing and how could anyone NOT like her after watching that? If you got a fright over how much older she looks, I think anyone would. I do have favourites but they're not influenced by my nationality at least.


  1. I'm really amazed that Hong Un Jong has managed to keep her Amanar and Cheng after all this time!

    1. Me too! I do have to wonder how complete and tidy they are though. She may hand a hefty execution advantage to Li Yiting. Also makes me wonder what the rest of the NK crew have up their sleeves.

    China: #1 for team
    1. ZSQ: 14.3/15.3/14.2/13.6 =57.4
    2. SCS: 14.25/14.55/14.25/? = i think it was a 56.4; couldn't remember
    3. WLF: 15.15/14.2/14.15/12.75= 56.25

    WLF and HHD make UB EF
    ZSQ and SCS make BB EF
    SCS and ZSQ make FX EF
    LYT makes VT even though she hella crashed her VT2

  3. Oh nvm you totally updated your post! I assume you were watching it live? :)

    Ugh. I so wanted Wu to win AA. :(

    1. Shang Chungsong got 56.45! Nope, I have no idea what time it was on at GMT-wise, I am just following some updates..not weibo/baidu as I can't read them sadly. I love Wu, but I think she has peaked. I want Huang Huidan to improve her consistency, she COULD be better than Zeng Siqi.

    2. hmm I was debating that with somebody else recently.. when do you think Wu peaked? It's a little hard to say because she was pretty consistent (when she wasn't injured). I do think she'll probably retire next year though. Hard to keep up with these new seniors.

      Yeah I hope HHD will get better, too. I'm not sure why she didn't do the AA and they made Wu do it instead with her 4.4 d-score vault. :/ But do you really see Huang as an AAer like Zeng? Everybody seems to be dubbing her as a two eventer already.

      Also, I commented too soon-- only after sub1 and then went to bed. Standings changed but at least we'll see Wu at the bars final. :)

      If you wanted to see it live, you just have to download the CCTV Box (I'm pretty sure that's what everyone uses) and click on CCTV-5 on the right hand side.
      But you have to have Windows or an ipad/iphone.. don't think it's compatible for a mac.

    3. I'm not sure...her injuries did get in the way of her ever really shining properly. I do think she's past her best, but that doesn't mean she won't go on to be a part of more important teams, she certainly could.

      I see potential for HHD to be an AA-er! Though yes she is pretty weak on the other 2 events.

  4. Are the videos up yet for women? Huang is good but Zeng is as cute as button and keeps your attention during her routines.

    1. Yeah the videos are up! It was on CCTV first but now it's on youtube.

      It's missing HHD's bars, unfortunately.

  5. *Shang Chunsong. Chung isn't a Chinese word :P

    Thanks for sharing Mai's FX!! Haven't seen her since NHK.
    And you're right-- I was beginning to think you linked the wrong video until I saw her smile!
    Wow, she's really upgraded. I didn't know she had a DLO on floor! <3 Mai. Would not mind at all if you just dedicate this blog to her. :)

    1. Aghhh! Thanks. I have a mental block with some Chinese names, it took me far too long to cop there is a second u in Qiushuang.

  6. Aww so nice to see Mai again!! She really has grown up, but that smile is as amazing as ever.