Thursday, 29 November 2012

New Post Schedule

New posts will only appear at weekends. I realise this one is breaking the new rule somewhat, but it's not requiring much from me. This is because I work too hard during the week, especially coming up to super-fun Christmas in retail. Oh and it's also because blogger are dicks and you can only check and post to your blog on your phone if you live in America. Thanks for that. So if anyone is worried (lol that seems funny to me) that I'm phasing out posting, not at all. It might even increase back to the June/July frequency if I don't get kept on in January. Hours will lessen if I do anyway, so good blogging news all round. Hurrah.

I'll give you a hint- 12 year old Canadian force of nature Shallon Olsen has pretty much embarassed Romania by winning the AA at Top Gym well ahead of the latter's two biggest 2013 seniors who are 3 years older, Diana Teoduru and AnaMaria Ocalisan. Wow. Also news about the fabulous DTB Pokal World Cup which is taking place at the weekend. But no Shawn DWTS news. I like her and she was a great dancer this year but I just couldn't care less.


  1. What new rule?
    lol and no wonder Americans are so hated- we give people too many reasons! Blogger owned by Google, which seems to want to conquer the world so that doesn't really make sense either...but they had some recent tension with Apple so if you have an iPhone, I can see why it wouldn't work.

    Anyways, good to hear though- your posts save me 3 millions hours flipping through IG threads. Good luck with the Christmas crazies- I'm sure they'll need you in January for all the returns/exchanges.

    And Shallon Olsen! All she needs to do is clean up those bars and she's pretty much set for a Rio debut. :)

    1. Ha MY new rule of not posting except at weekends. I hate iphones, I have a Nokia Lumia. Not that it matters, it won't accept any 'foreign' phone numbers.

      Ah IG. So so so many trolls and people with ridiculous opinions, but the source of greatness and on-the-ground information and accurate translations..

      Yes! And her bars don't look that bad either. I am excited about her but fear burnout a lot.