Saturday, 4 August 2012

Floor music wish

There's big variety in floor music these days, plenty of classical, traditional music from the gymnast's country and just about everything in between. But sometimes I come across a piece or style of music that has never been represented, at least not on the international stage- and has the potential to be great and capture people's attention.

For me, it is Irish music. Ireland has a huge musical tradition but it's not represented in international gymnastics at all really, though that's hardly a surprise given that WAG here is extremely limited and sent only a few gymnasts to Euros and no further. Anyway, it's something I'd like to see. Irish music is extremely fast and even the slower pieces would be good for hitting elements in time to it. Irish dance which is accompanied always to this style of music (there are a few speeds though, some very fast for each different group of dances) is always exactly in time, so it's not hard to work with it. I would know, although I gave up gymnastics pretty quick I stuck with Irish dancing for 6 years :)

It might suprise you that both of these routines are using Irish music as a base. But neither are particularly great for me, much as I love Raducan she isn't really working to this music. And Deliana's was pure dirge! There's an awful lot better than that, and a lot of choreo that would go well with it.

So, here's the music I would most love to see paired with a floor routine:

You could see some beautiful choreo corresponding to the uplifts in that I think. Any choices of music which you think would be awesome but are seriously underrepresented?

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