Monday 27 August 2012

London's best two leotards

The best one is He Kexin, uneven bars event finals. It is perfect- lovely design, great colours, it suits her down to the ground AND she co-ordinates it perfectly with a hair ribbon. It's made better by the fact that she designed it herself! The others liked it too, which is why Deng had one in the same design..and there was another floating around as well.

Beautiful. Pity it was bars so NO decent photos of it exist.

Second place goes to Gabby and Aly's AA leotard. A beautiful berry colour which suited both of them extremely well, and a really nice and unusual silver design to break it up. Fabulous.

I would do a top 5/top 10 but none of the rest are in the same league as these two, to me anyway. So two it is.



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  2. He Kexin really should go into leotard designing once she retires from gymnastics. Best leo of the quad.

    1. It really is just stunning. I know NCAA teams have input in their leotards (and lots of them are actually lovely) but this one is more impressive due to the design. I'm wondering what she'll do after National Games alright!

    2. Is she retiring this year? I'm sorry to see her go. Despite her struggles in '10-11, she really is one of the greatest bar workers if not of all time, then of the last decade. Maybe she can design the Chinese leotards from here on out, hers are much better than any of those ketchup/mustardy ones they tend to favor.

    3. It's expected that she will after the Games. Hard to know though- maybe she will continue. What adds to the speculation is the trouble she had getting back to form on bars and how unexpected her hitting her set 3 for 3 was- as in, such a struggle but she made it and medalled and will be satisfied now? But you just never know. Haha yes, I know I'm fed up with their team choices. I think they could do nice things with the red by itself- GB certainly do. If it was darkened a bit so less ketchupy that would be a good start. Or maybe just work with star motifs..