Wednesday 8 August 2012

Mustafina uses Cradle of Filth music!! (by proxy..)

Okay, it's possible that Cradle of Filth are robbing the chord from elsewhere that's present in Mustafina's music. But, interesting all the same. If you don't know who Cradle of Filth are, they are a British black/gothic metal band, who have about 15 albums at this stage, but only one original member- Dani Filth, the vocalist. His vocals may be an acquired taste, word of warning. But it's really the bit at the start of the song that corresponds to Musty's music anyway, though it's used elsewhere throughout the song. This song has two versions, so I get confused, anyway I found the right one. But how much more assurance do we need that Mustafina is dark and fierce? I KNEW that it was Cradle when I heard it. I'm impressed, even if she or her choreographer didn't take it directly from this. I don't really care that's it's modified or whatever. Aha, her version is from a mix by Final Hour. Point still stands, I love that bit and it's pure Cradle.

Just in case that one is taken down..

And Cradle of Filth- Nymphetamine (fix), the start, I found a version with no pervy video easily enough:

Oh Musty, you amaze me more everyday!

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