Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Olessia Dudnik's beam

I can watch this all day. Such difficulty and innovation in a routine that is 23 years old. Somebody coded it in the current code of points and it works out at 6.4. To put that into perspective, only a handful of gymnasts managed to beat that in London- Ponor, Lu, Raisman, Komova, Deng and Douglas and even then, some of them only managed to beat it once out of a few routines. Incredible. Here is my favourite routine of hers, even though she biffed the dismount a bit.

Dudnik's other events are usually overlooked in comparison to her beam. She is also the owner of a fabulous bars set with the arabian mount and vaulted DTY's when they were rarely to be seen. Her floor too was a delight. A great all-arounder, but will always be known for one event.

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