Friday, 17 August 2012

New Kids on the Block

I'm attempting to do a mini-series on upcoming Juniors to watch. The star USA Juniors are fairly well known by comparison to those in other countries, so although I have more information on the USA ones and don't understand Romanian, Chinese, Russian etc. I'll do the best I can. Gymnasts who will turn senior in 2013 and therefore elegible for worlds next year amongst other competitions have a birth year of 1997. There are lots who will not turn senior until 2015 or 2016. Of course, the ones who become the most decorated of the 2016 Olympics may not emerge until much later and those excelling right now can burn out too quickly. It's pretty fun to speculate though.

Anyway, the ones chosen are not ALL of the Juniors for their respective country or even all of the ones with a lot of promise. I've just chosen the ones that stand out the most, with the other potential greats listed at the bottom.

1. USA. Done USA star juniors
2. Russia. Done Russia star juniors
3. Romania. Done Romania star juniors
4. China. Done China star juniors
5. Britain, rest of Europe and various. Part 1: Britain, Spain, Italy, Netherlands. Done Part 1
6. Britain, rest of Europe and various. Part 2: Eastern Europe and various. Done Part 2


  1. I know people have been talking a lot about Katelyn O, lexie , etc.. But there are two others ive watched-Bailey kay who I believe is 12 and will hopefully be eligible for rio and paulina shennekova. I saw her at classics and her beam at visa. These girls have a lot of promise.
    From China I like Nina lu and a girl named wei-forgot her last name but she had a really nice floor routine at Chinese junior nationals a few days sgo.

  2. Bailie Key, yes I featured her. Love that girl. Polina Schennikova is more of a specialist, beam and bars so I'm unsure at this point how she would get on in the INSANE talent pool that America has, could prove to be too deep. Hard to know at this point, I excluded her and Amelia Hundley purely on the grounds that the post was getting overloaded, but I stuck them in a list at the bottom.. Yes China's juniors sound exciting, researching them at the moment. However China have plenty of seniors who did not make the Olympics- Sixin, Liufang, Peiru and Huidan who could be the ones to watch this quad.