Wednesday 1 August 2012

McKayla's vault in super slow-mo

WOW all over again. Yes we can see the deductions, but it doesn't get better than this- should have been a 10. But who knows, hopefully she can pull this off again in vault EF and they give a 9.8 or higher! In the today interview the team gave, McKayla stated she wants her own vault named after her, after being asked about the amanar being renamed the Maroney (I get why, she is the master of it..but Simona shouldn't be bumped out, jeez). I take that as TTY confirmation, there's no way that she isn't capable of it.

Yes, I will shut up about McKayla now, at least until vault EF.

Well done to Kohei Uchimura for getting back on form and claiming the all-around! Very sorry for John Orozco who is just having a nightmare at this stage, but well done to Danell for his bronze, and Marcel for the silver! Nice diverse all-around.

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