Saturday 18 August 2012

New Kids on the Block: Russia

Russia's best juniors will not begin turning senior until 2014. Only one stand-out turns senior next year. This of course gives Komova and Mustafina a greater chance to continue dominating! And for Paseka to continue, as vault could easily be an issue for the next quad.

Maria Bondareva

This tiny munchkin has superb elegance and extension. Not without errors, but she has a long way to go and improve overall as she does not turn senior until 2015. Another who is being paced very well. Beam is a stand-out event for her, but she has all the makings of a true all-arounder as even though bars are currently an issue for her, they don't look unfixable.

Her odd round-off technique may be what makes her landings out of control, hard to tell. Such expression and potential here.
Just fabulous. A real star on beam. I have seen better dismounts from her also.
It's usually her first release that does her in. I think when she grows a bit she might have a more fluid line also. Another apparatus full of potential for her, and I LOVE her shape on her pak, incredible.

Viktoria Kuzmina (reminds me of Viktoria Komova)

Viktoria will turn senior smack in the middle of the quad, 2014. She is strongest on beam and bars (Russia will be STACKED on beam next quad) but shows nice potential elsewhere too.

Really nice potential here, great energy
Even with a fall this is great to watch

Yevgeniya Shelgunova

Yevgenia is the junior to watch who turns senior in 2013. Though she is not oustanding on one event, she is pretty strong on all four.

Very nicely done, choreography not great though
Hopefully she can become more confident in all of the skills she has checks on, makings of a very good beam here

Maria Kharenkova (Reminds me of..Mustafina! Serious makings of a champion here)

Maria is set to be one of the stars of the next quad, let's hope she can stay healthy! One of the very few new Russians who can execute a decent vault, which along with the rest of her high potential on other events make her very valuable. She will turn senior in 2014.

Awesome, great expression and command of her unusual choreography. Fabulous twister too.
Wonderfully floaty here
Fabulous long lines here and I love her piked transitions
Truly one who has it all. Lovely form and attack, and I am in LOVE with that spin.

Other Juniors of note: Daria Spiridonova, Yulia Tipaeva, Anastasia Dmitrieva
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