Friday 15 June 2012

Anna Myzdrikova is back!

And I'm thrilled! She unleashed the most spectacularly beautiful floor routine in 2009 with amazing connections and then totally dissapeared after Euros 2010. She came sixth in the Russian Cup today, though floor was quite low, 13.23. Her vault was highest but nothing broke the 14 mark. She's extremely unlikely for this team at the moment but she may make alternate, especially if Sidorova doesn't improve. My Russian team is Komova, Mustafina, Grishina, Inshina and Paseka. Alternates: a bit more murky, especially with no recent footage. Afan, Pavlova/Sidorova and Myzdrikova would be nice. If she can get her floor back to this level she would be very valuable, especially as Musty's floor is full of mistakes these days.

Anyway, here is my favouritest floor ever. Yes I have posted it before, but it needs to go with any post mentioning her. They should have put a big fat bonus on it for the excellent first and second pass, unique connections, the choreo and the fact she lands like she's doing single layouts.

Edit: Just found her floor from Voronin Cup 2011, which was in December. Must have been long after I trawled Youtube for her. Anyway, unfortunately it's pretty bad, she's very tired and out of shape in it. Fingers crossed her not too shabby Russian Cup showing means she's back in the game somewhat.

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