Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Thoughts on podium training 27/6 or 6/27

Just to keep this seperate from the more detailed info we will have from tomorrow's media attended PT.

McKayla Maroney- Is looking great and healthy and training all 4 (floor music can be heard during another video). Bars look much improved, still a struggle on one handstand but this event is uselessd for her anyway. What is the story with that weird kip angle? I may mean cast, always confuse the two..that angle, you'll know what I mean. Beam solid and low-SV as ever, wish it was higher. Vault was just a timer but as always the height and block show that it's highly unlikely her amanar will be messed up. Update: Amanar looking awesome as always. The floor pass looks very clean too, only small adjustment on landing. Reassuring to see her so ready for this.

Jordyn Wieber- She always trains the full-twisting DLO dismount..will we see it? She always sticks the DLO, she risks taking a large step with the more difficult one and negating the higher SV it brings her. Beam as frustrating as ever, they've had so long to make the connections work for her or change them. We can hope.

Gabby Douglas- Only beam has emerged. It looks great, love her standing full twist, sooo upright! However I still wouldn't put her up in TF, risky. Update: Amanar looking very well! If she can stick this both nights and in Olympic warm-ups then stick her up in TF, it's much cleaner than Aly's. Bars great as ever. Floor choreo annoying as ever, just doesn't work. I do agree that if she must use this music then she should throw in some robotic moves.

Aly Raisman- Only beam as far as I can see. Looking like the solid consistent gymnast she is, she's better than Jordyn on it even with that god-awful low-to-beam.

Sarah Finnegan- Bars, not a full routine. Messy shap. If she had bars she would strip Kyla of her place and though I like Kyla, Sarah is much more exciting. Her swing is good, her and McKayla frustrate me with their bars potential. Beam, her turn not as good as usual. Standing full twist quite low, wobble also. Hopefully just a bit of an off day, I'm rooting for her as alternate, bars kills her chances of the team.

Nastia Liukin- Bars dismount only, it looks so much cleaner than a few years ago but of course the real test is yet to come. A bit ominous both her dismounts, beam also, are seperate. Beam had great lines, but laboured with slow connections, much like Classics. I doubt she can nail both, but even if she does, not enough to displace Kyla. Update: That bars routine is dissapointing. I do not think she deserved to go to Trials or can possibly get on this team but I do want to see her do well. That bars was so heavily spotted, it does not bode well. I would be surprised if it has no mistakes in comp and if she puts the dismount in.

Alicia Sacramone- Beam as fierce as ever. Some leaps not 180, though I like her sheep jump. Hate her low-to-beam, Mihai needs to reevaluate it, it's important to the flow and look! Alicia's displays her lack of flexibility unfortunately. Right foot taped- so is Gabby's, stay healthy!

Kyla Ross- Bars only a bit of routine, it looks very clean as always. Floor is just dance, would be great if harder tumbles were stuck in. Update: Beam looks very clean and floaty, very consistent here. More and more confirming her place as the fourth member. Amanar- what a surprise! It's much much cleaner in the air and her landing much improved. Would still use Gabby over her I think.

Will include Li, Sloan, Bross and Price in tomorrow's PT eh..analysis.

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