Monday 11 June 2012

Thoughts on 2012 Visa National Championships

Just a rundown with a bit of assessment, not including all gymnasts as I have not yet viewed every routine.

McKayla Maroney- Great floor routine Night 1. She will score well in London with that (with third pass fixed, she is well capable of that) as her artistry and elegance are streets ahead of some others. Her music showcases her strengths well and WOW I love that 3.5 twist. Thankfully, she is fine after that horrible fall Night 2 warm-up. I am a bit disgusted that was broadcast, no need for it. It might be good for her to rest for a bit as this is injury-season right now. Her amanar and mustafina are excellent. Yes she looks to be well capable of a TTY and Cheng, the air, those landings would take a lot of work and she did not have time for that. She is still on my team, and will do floor if she can score higher than Gabby in Olympic prelims. Leotards 5/10 and can't judge what little was visible of her second night did look nice though.

Aly Raisman- What a solid, consistent gymnast. She is a lock for the team, and should be leader. Yes I cringe at her bars, they are fairly brutal. Her scores for them may knock her out of AA contention in London. Her floor has such amazing tumbling and I love her music. It hides her lack of artistry well but that would be punished in London. Decent amanar and such solid beam, well done Aly. Wore those leotards well, 7/10 and 7/10

Jordyn Wieber- Delighted for her. Yes her beam was overscored and credited with connections she did not make but since most of the top contender's routines were overscored it doesn't matter as much. She does look a little laboured and not at her peak, which she should not be at yet but I hope it doesn't mean she is past her peak. Her bars have improved a lot, well done to her on that. Amanar is pretty decent and her floor still looks great. Annoyed she didn't win by a higher margin, she should have. Lovely leotards! 7/10 and 8.5/10

Gabby Douglas- I do enjoy her gymnastics, especially her bars. Her tumbling was great, but the lack of choreography, artistry and terrible music are very annoying. Her bars will not reach that in London but are nevertheless impressive. Beam was very overscored, 14.1 with a fall when she had wobbles like that. Her overscoring was much worse than Aly's and Jordyn's. I'm not too convinced about her amanar but it is probably better than Aly's. Leotards both nights fairly fugly, 4/10 and 3/10.

Kyla Ross- Wow, great showing for her. Although she has lovely, clean gymnastics she just is not exciting so will never by one of my favourites. Another lock on my team, unfortunately her low floor may not be enough to keep ahead of Aly for the 2nd AA spot but Aly's form and artistry will suffer more. I do hope she can get her amanar back, but ONLY if it safe to do so. Her others before she only did DTY for visas all looked dangerous, massive steps on landing and her legs look locked. She would the number one contender for an ACL before olympics if she does do the amanar and for that reason, don't think it's worth it even though she really needs it to fight for 2nd AA with a 5.5 floor. Whhhhyyyy no upgrades? I can hope. Night 1 leotard looked very Irish, loved it. 7/10. Night 2, didn't love it as much as others. 6/10

Nastia Liukin- First up, well done to her for making a great shot at this comeback. Her lines on beam are still amazing, but she is not needed on it and her slow connections and hands-down Night 2 only serves to further enforce that. There is no way she can pull out a perfect bars routine in time and even if she could it be trusted not to be a fluke? Did not deserve to be invited to trials. Take a bars specialist and it should be Anna Li, but I don't think any should be taken, team is not big enough. Wayy too much camera focus on her but I suppose the deman is there for it. Focusing on Valeri with routines going on took the cake though. Bow out gracefully Nastia! Leotards 4/10 and 2/10

Sarah Finnegan- I love this girl and her lines. She won't make the team after being that shaky and not really being able to displace Kyla Ross. Beautiful, creative skills. Her form is impeccable and I am in LOVE with her floor routine. I see her as an alternate. Leotards 6/10 and 4/10

Elizabeth Price- Another casualty of the 5 person team. Will be an alternate ahead of Alicia Sacramone, she can be useful. Have not seen all her routines yet- none broadcast is ridiculous! Her movements seem to be very mechanical, great skills but not enough flow.

Kennedy Baker- Have not seen yet, except floor, which was great. Again she seems quite mechanical with little choreography

Anna Li- WOW best bar routine of the night by far. Absolutely loved it. Unfortunately she tends to be inconsistent on it, such a shame but maybe can be alternate with it. Loved her combinations. Her beam was fine, but pretty low SV.

Bridget Sloan- Good on her for rocking her bar routines. Impressed with her floor also despite sloppy landings. Maybe alternate!

Alicia Sacramone: Nobody attacks a beam like her. Fierce! Loved her beam and impressed with her vaults. I do not think there is a place for her either, unless Maroney does have to bow out but that is very unlikely.

Too much focusing on gymnasts standing/sitting instead of showing actual routines. Kennedy Baker and Elizabeth Price should have been broadcast. I do understand about Anna's bars- Jordyn was on floor. Could have shown it after though. Too much overscoring! Jordyn should have won by more.Yes blah blah Gabby needed that confidence doesn't make it any less ridiculous.

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