Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Artistry Vs Power debate

This particular debate seems to rage far more in youtube and blog comments moreso than actual competitive scoring, but is still valid. It is best epitomised in the ever-famous Nastia Vs Shawn. It seemed like you had to take sides and could not appreciate and enjoy the gymnastics of both. Nastia of course is famed for her beautiful lines and artistry. To me, it is best shown in her beam skills such as lay-out-step-out and Onodi. Shawn is the definition of powerhouse and is probably the most famed one. Yet she always seemed to lose the raging debate or else have to fight much harder to have her brand of gymnastics- throwing such insane skills as a double-double on floor and a double-twisting double layout off bars have the same recognition as Nastia's less difficult gymnastics. The NBC trio weighed in constantly with Nastia having the 'international' look which Shawn by default lacked.

Why cannot both share the same pedestal? Can we not watch a routine by a powerhouse of a gymnast without comments about her shape and build? Gymnastics NEEDS to eradicate these views, starting most obviously with commentators. We no longer see gymnast's height and weight displayed which was of course a very smart move but the pressure still exists. Shawn herself has stated that she felt under terrible pressure with all the comments about her weight, and has yo-yo'd since. This hasn't gone away. Today we hear so much about Kyla Ross and Sarah Finnegan's great international look which will no doubt intensify throughout the next few months. Jordyn, Aly and Gabby have all scored highly abroad. Clearly the issue with body type does not affect scoring if you have the skills, the form, the toepoint, and the flow. NO MORE COMMENTS. These girls are 15,16, very rarely more than 20. It's too young, too impressionable.

I for one appreciate both and love both for what they are. I am as able to drool over an Aurelia Dobre routine as I am a Yelena Produnova one. It seems few are able to give both types the same value, artistic slimmer gymnasts seems to just be valued more, or at least they are not very vocal about it. This is just BS and I am sick of it. Go power gymnastics!

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