Friday 29 June 2012

NBC are still dicks but....

....A live stream has been found! I CAN WATCH!! I am delirious with excitement right now. I shouldn't really because it will be 2-4AM here and I have to get up at 7AM because I'm going away for the weekend...but I will. So worth it. This link has some ads on it and you have to mess around with it, Stream 2 will work. It's absolutely not legit but hey, no viruses like that gobshite who posted up one with a Trojan earlier on the USAG facebook.

The link is being publicised a bit now, you'll find it on Spanny Tampson's twitter (THANK YOU SPANNY), Full Twist's twitter and it's being discussed on the intlgymnast forums under 'can I watch in the UK' in Trials forum. It was confirmed as fine there by people who actually have NBC.


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