Monday, 18 June 2012

A great emotional gold medal win

Daiane Dos Santos gets a lot of flak for her landings. I think it is a bit out of proportion. She has phenomenal tumbling, the highest and most powerful we have ever seen AND she has a great sense of rthynm. She senses the music far more than others do. I can forgive her often not-stuck landings easily when I see a floor routine like hers. Admittedly her tumbling form has deteriorated recently but at age 29 she is still displaying a double layout AND a full-twisting double layout as well as her ever-present great dance, impressive stuff! Very sad that she is most remembered for the two tumbles named after her and not for winning copious amounts of floor titles, due to plenty of OOB's and over-rotations. Plenty have landed her Dos Santos I, but never as high and as upright on landing. Nobody has dared her Dos Santos II yet!  Here she is clinching gold in 2003. It's always great to see someone from a non-gymnastics country win, but especially here in hindsight that she never achieved a victory of this level again.

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  1. When was the last time she performed the Dos Santos II?