Friday, 15 June 2012

A selection of favourite leotards

Awful leotards are much more fun to pick apart, but it's generally a concensus on that and the Leotard Fashion Police over at TheCouchGymnast do such an awesome job there seems little point in trying. But favourite leotards are based more on personal opinions and favourite colours etc. Here are some that come to mind.

 Jesolo 2012

As a team leo, I love this. I love the cut and neckline and the waistband sparkles were just perfect, jazzing it up without ruining it or looking tacky. There's better photos on this but they're generally of the back only! A little bit too shiny  and I do think US need to get rid of all-red. Blue would be nice! But props to this leo for looking great and suiting everyone

Russian Cup 2012

An even more recent one, but it's just beautiful. Russia often has amazingly elegant leos (I'm not a fan of GK designs, they are so samey and everywhere) but this is their best one ever and I would be thrilled if it came with them to London. Love the colour, the elegant split down the centre, tasteful white accents and the! It so often doesn't but not here, just fab. It beats the awesome 2010 worlds one, which lost marks for having cuffs and being of a snakeskin pattern.  This one does suit them all but Musty is really rocking it. Logo a bit prominent however.

Visa Nationals Day 2 2012

My favourite from Visas and my favourite one she's ever worn to competition- bit too fond of crappy GK swirls usually. This leo is of course no stranger, being the 2011 worlds TF leo as well as Kyla Ross' day 1 leo at visas too. But LOVE what they've done here, the great colour contrasting so well with the black and the sparkles thrown in in such a great way. This could easily have been slightly boring, but instead it's amazing.

Chuinchi Cup 1989

Now to go much further back. In an era of extremely dodgy leotards, Tatiana Groshkova paves the way. This leo is so iconic, what a great way to break up the boring white so often favoured. Not a big fan of the neckline but probably my favourite white leotard of all time. Looked awesome on her amazing beam moves!

1996 Olympics

This one gets mixed opinions. Either it's boring and drab or it's inspired and perfectly elegant. As suspected because I featured it here, I love it. You can't seem them too well but there are sparkles. It's the sweetheart neckline and black/white contrast that make it great for me though.

I'm sure I could do a part 2,3,4 and 5 but I'll leave it there for now. Can't wait to do analysis of London leotards!


  1. I really like the Russian leotard...but why doesn't Demy's match?

    1. Ha no idea. Some more lovely blue ones at Russian Championships. Nicer than Russia's AA one I think.