Monday, 11 June 2012

Some of my favourite routines of all time

Also love her floor but her beam edges it out so will leave it as one per gymnast.

LOVE this. My favourite floor..of all time. So underrated and unheard of, still not sure why she dropped off the radar with a killer floor like this.

I love me a beautiful artistic floor routine. These two I would rate higher than far more famous ones.

This FX was wayyy ahead of its time and should have beat Shushunova at least if not Silivas. Just amazing.

The greatest music-choreography combination! This blows 'cutesy barf Bela era' routines out of the water, gutted she got rid of it for Atlanta.

Unreal. She often OVERrotated this too, don't think anyone beats her in pure power stakes.

She has a straighter form on her amanar here than she does now. It is STILL incredible and the best amanar performed by anyone but she is just straighter here. The better landing than her 2012 landings helps too. Love this girl.

I don't care if she has slightly bent knees on her transitions. Let's just see it as the marvellous bar routine that it was, so incredibly difficult and GREAT form. All the more spectacular given that she was most likely 12 here. Her beam is worth a look too!

Such. beautiful.bars

I could go on forever, think I'll stop here.

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