Thursday 28 June 2012

Jade Barbosa- WTF

In non-USA news and probably the most retarded gym-related news I have heard all year, Jade Barbosa has kissed her Olympic place goodbye. Not because of injury. Jade refused to sign a contract binding her to wear the leotards and warm-ups of the team sponsor, rather than her own sponsor and also did not attend a selection meet. There may be more to this than we are hearing. Maybe her sponsor put her under a huge amount of pressure not to sign- if so, shame on them for forgetting to put her first. Maybe it is a case of if she signs and joins the team she will have absolutely no money to live off afterwards due to breaking with her sponsors- who knows? This news is such a WTF is she seriously jeopardising her place over THIS but I will hold off on that until it's certain who is to blame and whether there are any other factors at place. Regardless, she was an asset to this team and her vault especially will be missed.

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