Friday, 29 June 2012

Canadian team named and Barbosa signs

The Canadian girls really have a lot going for them, it's a great pity they don't have higher difficulty (read: 7.0 bar routines or a few amanars) to really challenge the top 3. However they will give Australia, Britain and maybe even China good run for their money. A great pity Lee is injured of course because she has such AA potential, but nevertheless, it's a strong team. Vaculik, Moors, Rogers, Pegg and Black. Desperately want to see Moors in the EF for floor, it's amazing. Must look up her SV to see if she has a fighting chance.

Jade Barbosa has apparently agreed and has signed the contract. What this means for me after the Olympics is hard to tell..I hope she doesn't end up penniless. That of course is speculating that there was a good reason for it and not just greed. Or huge pressure from her sponsors.

I did not watch MAG Night 1, not that I could have really what with REGION BLOCKING. I am not comfortable with downloading IP blockers and disabling nti-virus, particularly since I keep hearing that to watch the live streaming you have to enter a password from your satellite/TV company anyway. That team looks similar to WAG in that three are locks and the other two are still a bit up for debate. Looks like Orozco, Lleyva, Mikulik, Horton and...Dalton or Legendre. I find pommel horse and rings extremely boring. High bar is great, I enjoy that and vault and floor are fine. PB..snore. Anyway I find Orozco very endearing and easy to root for...Lleyva less so. I hate the towel thing and his super crazy coach having heart attacks all over the podium. It just smacks of 'easy for NBC to get fluff out of this'.

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