Wednesday, 18 July 2012

And the US team coach is...

John Geddert! In a way, I'm pissed it's not Chow. But, he did have his turn and John Geddert is clearly a great coach, he deserves it. Hopefully he can avoid the temptation to tweet on the floor! I do think he's a little obnoxious but I'm not going to take that away from his coaching ability. He has the most determined and focused athlete on the team who remained almost undefeated for a few years so he must be doing somethig right, not that Jordyn is the only elite he ever coached of course. Although, those beam connections should have been changed earlier. But you can say that about nearly all of them..why Mckayla's third pass, why Kyla and Aly flinging horrifying unsafe amanars..etc. So, congratulations to John and I think he'll do a great job.

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