Monday 16 July 2012

US team- cliquey?

So what? Is it not perfectly normal? Are we hearing reports of McKayla, Aly and Jordyn flushing Gabby's head down the toilet at camp? Until they actually exhibit signs of bullying or deliberate exclusion, everyone needs to STFU. Just because they are not all BFF's does not mean Gabby cries herself to sleep every night or that they won't work as a team. Has every successful team ever been a huge lovefest? Thought not.

Also, have to laugh at the double standards. A wild instagram appears of Jordyn, Aly, McKayla and Kyla. WHERE'S GABBY OMG CLIQUE IS SO UNFAIR WE'LL NEVER WIN IF THEY DON'T GET ON WHERE'S GABBY WHERE IS SHE I THOUGHT THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A TEAM. And then other photos emerge of Anna, Ebee and Gabby. I don't see anyone going 'Where's Sarah??? Where's Aly????' Of course the point stands that Gabby will not have those girls in London, but it doesn't mean USA are going to bomb or that the other four hatch plots at night to sabotage Gabby. These girls want to win as a team. Kindly keep your drama to your own head instead of splashing it all over twitter and facebook- in fact, bringing it to the attention of the gymnasts themselves, like the absolute tool who challenged McKayla about it on twitter. Do they not have enough to worry about? No? Oh right, now they have to think over how the world perceives their unity or how many people are saying 'I wonder who is the biggest dickhead on the team'. How close are we to race being brought into this??

/end rant directed solely at those posting rubbish about this on twitter and facebook

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