Tuesday 24 July 2012

News from training

Hallelujah, Blythe is watching and liveblogging from the first training session. Hopefully she can get some updates after on the mystery that is McKayla Maroney. McKayla did barely anything yesterday, but today did a huge vault timer. Unfortunately, that was other vaults, and did not train beam. Hard not to worry that she won't be ready in time, but it's very likely she can still vault on her sore right foot, just that she won't do too many of them when she doesn't have to. Floor would be more in question, but as I said before- luckily it isn't essential for the team. BUT we still have 3 days until official podium training, and 5 days until who knows! Until I hear that Ebee is on her way to London to replace McKayla and not just cheer her on, I have total faith she will at least vault. It's worth mentioning that she seems to be in great spirits on twitter, and it's unlikely she would be if everything was in jeopardy. Interesting, USAG now has photos up showing McKayla on floor- could just have been a dance-through, but anything that shows her training is good news. IG is down..intriguing, we're not close enough to the Olympics for that, surely? Blythe reports Mckayla not limping, I'll take that as a good sign too.

Moving on, Blythe reports that Jordyn is ON. Nailing her beam connections and her floor and vault. Looks like Geddert really is getting her to peak at the right time! Great news. Kyla, Gabby and Aly all performing well too- Gabby appears to have nailed more than one amanar in training, good for her. Blythe saw He Kexin nailing the second half of her bars, she's been very consistent with the whole routine the last while, very exciting. Russians were typically Russian on beam, beautiful work, jumping off very easily. No need to panic, it doesn't automatically translate to competition. Both Musty and Vika look better than they did at Euros, excellent, Musty nailed a full beam routine. China on floor apparently look great, Quishuang in particular making her skills look light and effortless.

Training will reopen at 3pm (GMT) with Romania. All news reported was good and promising..except for McKayla! Will update with later training sessions..very exciting stuff, was hoping we would hear proper feedback before Friday. Blog layout will stay like this, I got fed up of the pink and purple I stuck on last night very quickly!

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