Monday, 30 July 2012

Gabby to do beam in TF

Noooo!! She has proved over and over again that she cannot be trusted on this event, it clearly scares her. She did a good routine in prelims and usually nails her beam in training, but her hit record in competition is not enough. When have you last seen Jordyn fall off beam? Grab the beam? Have a huge wobble and bring her foot up? This is far too risky and quite frankly, an insult to USA's steadiest competitor. Jordyn may not get her connections credited but the girl is guaranteed to stay on. Let's hope Gabby is Aly-like steady, and that the likelihood of her posing a 15.266 again is worth it. I suspected this after Gabby's high score on beam yesterday, but thought a solid routine would win out over a gamble. Which is exactly what this is now.


  1. well this is embarassing...considering she got the highest score on the US team...

    1. Well, actually it isn't. I said it was a gamble, and it was. I never said she was guaranteed to fall. But the risk of that or a serious error was so much higher using her. Just because it didn't happen doesn't mean that it was unjustified to be concerned over using her. She had been shaky all year on balance beam and then completely messed up in EF. Most people were concerned over her being used on beam in the time. You know, before it happened?