Thursday, 26 July 2012

Larisa injured?

It looks like it. Apparently pain in her feet has been coming on for 'several days'. Here is a google translated article:

"She was treated with NSAIDs and ultrasound, but the pain persisted. He had an MRI and doctors at the Olympic Village verdict was "fasciitis".

According to specialists, explained fasciitis is a disease of the membranes that surround the heel, which is likely to Larisa and her be harmed tens of thousands of landings after jumps on the beams.

Alert widened because the pain persisted and, last night, Larisa Iordache reached a clinic in London where he works with a German orthopedic coaches Belu and Bitang have worked at the Olympic Games in Athens.

This second opinion is decisive. "You try to work if the pain lasts, but we are not sure about it" was the advice of doctors at the Olympic Village.

In these cases, who ultimately decide to continue to train and compete with the pain is very athletic."

(She always translates as he)

This is an absolute disaster for Romania if she cannot compete. IF. It doesn't appear that anything is certain about it..we'll have to wait for more conclusive reports tomorrow and see if she competes in PT. If pain is the problem rather than actually not being able to perform, that could probably be controlled with cortisone. Probably not wise to inflict more damage when she has to compete 10 routines in competition alone. If she can't, Romania are off the podium. Hopefully this is too dramatic and she will be able to compete in time.

No real news on this this morning. Just that she MAY be able to compete everything, especially if she a cortisone shot. Her status remains in doubt basically. Romania are in the last session of PT, which is I believe 5:45 GMT.

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