Friday, 27 July 2012

Opening ceremoney is hours away! :O

Kind of gutted there will be very few gymnasts in it, but it makes perfect sense. Kieran Behan is competing tomorrow morning in Subdivision 1, Mixed Group 3! Look out for his floor routine if you're watching it, he has killer execution and should be well able to qualify for floor EF. His ability to medal is in question in a much deeper field than he's used to..but he has upgraded, so here's hoping.

Romania are full of surprises. Not only has Cata joined the back tuck brigade (those back tucks better look like Myzdrikova's!) AND is competing a full twisting double layout she also brought back her full twisting double back beam dismount! Wait for it...this brings her beam up to 6.7 (!!!!) and her floor up to 6.5. It looks like Larisa's beam is being watered down slightly, introducing a layout to two feet in her tumbling series instead of the full twist. So the two of them will probably tie difficulty wise- how exciting! On the Larisa front, it now seems more likely than not that she will do the AA. Waiting for Sunday really for confirmation (may compete watered down routines on Sunday). Anyway, HURRAY! if she does. If not, hopefully she can do floor and beam EF as she has a big chance of gold in both.

I have my expat shield ready for every single qualification, as on TV I only have access to Subdivision 3- the one UK is in (and US and Canada and France). Although 3, 4 (Russia) and 5 (Romania) are the exciting ones, I really want to see 1 and 2 as well- Daiane Dos Santos, Dorina Boczogo, Vassiliki Millousi, just great gymnastics.


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