Sunday 15 July 2012

14 days to go! And some news

It's really flying by now! Apologies if this comes across as gloating but I am delighted that after suffering severe sleep deprivation watching Classics, Nationals and US Trials...I am in the same timezine as London! I also get to hear BBC commentary, pleasant AND informative.

Here is NBC's schedule.
Here is the BBC's.

It's worth noting that BBC's prelims on Sunday have a 5 minute headstart on NBC's, though I doubt it will be significant stuff, just marching in or whatever and rosters.

London is in GMT. East coast American time is 5 HOURS behind. West coast times are 8 HOURS behind. I know that it is not really practical for people who are working to commence watching at 4.30AM etc. and that plenty of you will be avoiding the gymternet and waiting for the NBC tape delay in primetime. Please avoid this blog too while you're waiting! I am not going to liveblog as I don't want to miss anything. But I will have results and breakdowns and opinions etc. in between sessions. I'll put a spoiler alert in those post titles anyway. Just in case, as most of my readers are American!

Lais Souza of Brazil and Tatiana Nabieva of Russia are injured and both out, of the team and as alternate respectively. Brazil are a little bit screwed now, they've already lost Jade Barbosa and Daiane is past her prime, form is bad but wow she can still knock out the difficulty at 29! Nabieva is actually quite a good stand in. Russia don't have much of a back-up left, Sidorova is injured too. Bebs (I really can't spell her name) is suffering with her growth and certainly not at her best. This means Pavlova could take the alternate spot! Souza will probably be replaced by Ethiene Franco. Injury count is now at 9. Let's hope Marta doesn't break any! Romania seem to have the smartest approach in not burning out their athletes, everyone should learn from them.

AA d-score post is now updated. Huang Qiushang is well up there, but Vika has pretty much taken over from everyone. More pressure on Iordache to take all of her full upgrades. Anything can happen! In an interview with China's coaches it was said that Yao Jinnan has greatly improved her bars. This probably means that 7.2 bars are not just a rumour but more of a definite possiblity. Lots of amanaring going on. Rodionenko has stated he believes China will bring 3 amanars. WTF?? It really does seem like 1 and 2 DTY's. You just never know with China (or Russia, or Romania for that matter). Russia have upgraded their floors and beams nicely, with 3 amanars and that lovely bars advantage they are out for blood.

Mai Murakami is now training a triple twisting double layout. NOT on a competition floor, though it looks like it could be, she landed totally upright. This means she now has a double double on floor, a double layout, a triple full, a triple twisting double back and a triple twisting double layout. Well, has or is training. Let's not forget she has killer vaults lining up too. Drool.

A photo of Musty shows her doing a switch ring on beam. This ups her d-score by 0.2 meaning her total beats Komova at 26.1!

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