Wednesday, 4 July 2012

A tribute to two victims of the 5 member teams

Danusia Francis

Danusia is endearing and exciting because of her sparkly personality on top of her beautiful gymnastics. I did think she wouldn't make the team as her beam had major errors at Trials and her floor is too weak in SV but it's still very sad. She will be missed! Here we have a great showing of her personality- her photo 'holding a Russian' in a challenge the British girls had at Euros. Vika looks bowled over by Danusia's charm, even with an obvious language barrier!

Here is her beautifully choreographed and well put together floor.

Her awesome beam

Danusia is heading to UCLA this year. No doubt she will be a shining star!

Sarah Finnegan

Sarah Finnegan is my own favourite of the US National team, just behind McKayla. Say what you want about Al Fong and GAGE but they are SUPERB at teaching excellent artistic gymnastics, with beautiful dance and unique elements. Sarah has the bearing and qualities of gymnasts twenty years before her time and more. Sure, she didn't originate the triple-turn in squat on beam but she certainly performs a move known for looking ungainly and not graceful- fabulously. Her floor is also fabulous, and beautifully choreographed with such clean tumbling. Surprising everyone with her performances at Jesolo as a new senior, she struggled at Trials. It was reported by those live blogging that she seemed sluggish and tired all week, and then she underperformed. Perhaps sick, perhaps just sick with nerves. One thing's for sure, it's a mark of her incredible floor and beam and their value that she was still named alternate after sub-par performances. Hopefully she will stick around.

We will of course not be seeing a lot of gymnasts in London due to injury, premature comebacks and struggles with recovery. There are others too that SHOULD have made the team if it was bigger. These are just two, and are my own favourites.

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