Friday, 13 July 2012

Video: Qiushang's amanar and confirmation of another!

Here is Qiushang's, I can't embed it because youtube won't find it for me, but here's the direct link.

As you can see, it looks safe and decent. Hopefully she can fix up that leg seperation and step to the side. Good for her, it doesn't look dangerous OR tucked.

We all feared this, but Musty has been confirmed to do an amanar in London.

In the team finals against American girls all decide to vault: if our girls will be able to jump 2.5 screws jump Yurchenko, then it will give them a huge advantage on points in front of an American. Otherwise, this advantage will be an American, confidently performing a jump Yurchenko.
"At the moment, this makes great leap Maria Bee Farm - says Valentina Rodionenko. - And thanks largely to a jump Yurchenko, she came to the team. Vic jumps Komova it through training. Alia, received on this daunting leap severe injury, it will jump only in London. Of course, you can not take risks and make the 2 screws instead of 2.5. But we believe that the risks need. We're going to take that risk because he is acquitted. "

- Rodionenko, from Aunt Joyce. Damn! Really didn't want this to happen. Of course it was suspected, but downplayed after she only verified a DTY recently. This means Russia will have 3 amanars (hopefully Paseka can land hers), and are upping their game even more fiercely against USA. Let's all hope Musty's is safe, but the fact that she tore her ACL on one when she was in her prime does not bode well. I highly doubt that they would let her do one if they suspected she was not capable of landing it safely, so let's hope they're right. This brings Musty up to a 25.7 WITH the floor upgrade, 25.5 (tying with Jordyn) if not. Interestingly, the above article says the top contenders for the AA are Musty, Vika and Gabby 'which is called the flying squirrel'. Optimistic of them. Certainly Vika is, Musty will still have her work cut out to get on the podium, but she is capable. But Jordyn and Larisa are still top contenders! Now for Romania! I suspect confirmation that Ponor will do one- she looks capable, but is of course a bit tall for one. We'll see. Maroney isn't really the shortest either, she's lucky hers is the most amazing of all. Height may be Kyla's problem with it as well as rotation. LOL at the profile of Maroney stating she was 160 pounds!!

Here is the Russian team leos. I prefer the blue, but the red looks great too. The red might suit all of the girls better I suppose.


  1. Jordyn and Larissa have a bars problem.

  2. Not enough to keep either of them down- Musty has floor issues, and this vault will be messy. Her beam isn't the highest either. By contrast, Larisa will have a cleaner amanar, and her beam and floor d-scores are HUGE. Musty'a bar advantage isn't enough, Larisa has 6.5 bars and won't score too badly- they are above typical Romanian bars as she has a decent swing. Certainly not exceptional, but enough to keep her in podium contention. Jordyn has very high SV, AND consistency AND the second best amanar we will see. Gabby could sit hers, or fall off beam. She could of course hit either, but Jordyn is guaranted to hit. Gabby's amanar will get duductions- for height and distance. It may be the case that neither American gets on the podium, but they might both. Don't count either Jordyn or Larisa out- Larisa might bring the highest SV of all.

  3. Jordyn's bars aren't bad either, she will get deductions for muscling up a bit. Nothing major. 6.4 is still good and she makes up for it elsewhere.