Tuesday, 10 July 2012

He Kexin named to team

This was almost a given, but anyway, now confirmed. Must have been deeply unpleasant to be left waiting for weeks after the other four were announced.

He, the 2008 UB (yes yes, controversial) champion, brings a 7.4 bars routine to London. This is extremely exciting, as it is 0.4 over Vika's, Musty's and Tweds. It's also only 0.3 down on her 2008 routine which counted two more elements- how in the hell has she managed that! Can't wait to see it.

Bit of criticism over bringing a gymnast for one event, but they are not the only ones. Maria Paseka will only do vault, she is not needed for floor and cannot displace Musty even though she is arguably better than her. McKayla Maroney is likely to only do vault. (yes, I pray she gets to do floor too). Beth Tweddle might only do bars also, though floor in prelims just like McKayla. The main reasoning here I think is that because China are unlikely to shine as a team and are really scrappy compared to 2008, they are looking into apparatus glory instead. He has improved on her consistency since last year and her difficulty edge could nudge her onto the top of the podium, only if it's perfectly hit though. I can't help thinking that it's going to be funny if that happens and all the fans who hate her for beating Nastia are silenced.

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