Sunday 15 July 2012

Hilarious russian-english gym articles

Some excerpts. Thanks to Lauren Hopkins @lchops96 for alerting me. These are from and are run through google translate.

Maria Bee Farm- Maria Paseka
Maria Apiary- Maria Paseka
Choose the Jordin- Jordyn Wieber
Makkeyla Meroni- McKayla Maroney

jump 2.5 screw- amanar
Shawn Johnson announces his retirement
(Nastia Liukin) In San Jose Visa Nationals 7th on log
Mustafina almost entirely regained its programme
The strongest group, which also Komova and Choose the, included two Chinese women, American and Ksenia Afanasyeva Reisman, the first species went vault. Of all six just decided to squat Choose the set of the complexity of 6.5 and coped with it fine, others limited to banal 5.8 - the final out is not jumping on the ultra-rich in-Sea. (On Jordyn's vault advantage at worlds)

Choose the other hand, did not drop a clanger - 6.2 for the complex, 9.066 for the execution, we must admit - she performed on the log is really impressive, returning to the fight for the gold. (That crafty Choose the regained the fight for gold in the AA after her crappy bars)

Alexander Alexandrov "We hope to rescue Apiary in the vault at the Olympics"

Head coach of Russian national gymnastics Rodionenko Andrew explained why in the women's team at the 2012 Olympic Games in London included Maria Bee Farm, transfers Irina Belozerova.
"It was very tough sentence for a person who pretends to take fifth place in the team - is to jump a jump of increased complexity. This is the advantage of Mary Apiaries.." 

Tatiana Nabieva recently traumatized knee and is now undergoing restoration.

Brilliance! My favourite is 'Choose the Jordin'. Note: Nabieva's injury is not funny at all, just the use of the word 'restoration'. 


  1. just saw your blog linked from another great gym blog.
    i saw the "jump 2.5 screw" on twitter, hilarious translation haha.

  2. Poor Choose the...she didn't get "chosen" in London. And Apiary's vault could certainly use some rescuing considering she can't land it on the mat...

    1. She did just get chosen by Adidas though which is nice. Paseka's Russian Championships vault is better than London, still ugly and still taking a step but much more secure looking.

    2. nice to see Choose the still getting some sponsorships, especially after nastia's asshole (excuse my language) agent basically referred to her as a commodity and said that she would not get any after she missed the all-around. Good to see Bee Farm not risking life and limb every time she vaults. Has she managed to fully rotate it? Now if only Pena could improve her produnova...

    3. Yes, that was nasty and uncalled-for. It's definitely improved and I don't think she's risking her knees..but it still needs work and it's pretty ugly. Pena will have to scrap that vault altogether, the new vault EF code means it's not worth doing because the hit she takes with execution for the fall will be pretty much multiplied. I'd like to see it done safely, but she was never going to land it- wayyy too much distance, not enough height. She probably could land it if the technique was reversed. I wasn't a fan of her doing it, especially in London as she seemed to be under enormous pressure and her coach was absolutely fuming and she was so upset- pressure to do weel for her country when it was practically an impossible task.