Monday, 9 July 2012

My ideal combo gymnast

Theepanel had a great post along these lines a while ago. Here is mine, a bit more convoluted!

Must have McKayla Maroney's twisting ability and vault block and form, Sarah Finnegan's artistry on floor, Mariya Livchikova's elegance, form and toepoint, Aly Raisman's power on floor, Alicia Sacramone's consistency and confidence, Yang Bo's beam with Nastia Liukin's long lines and Shawn Johnson's acro difficulty thrown in, finished off with Elena Produnova's badass dismount, Viktoria Komova's bars swing, lines and turns with Elise Ray's dismount (yes, Shawn did this too), Li Ya/He Kexin's release combo, Beth Tweddle's release to transition combo and Tatiana Groshkova and Aleftina Priakhina's ability to innovate..all with He Kexin's bars d-score, (7.4, if she's not picked, then Komova's 7.0) Larisa Iordache's d-scores on beam and floor (6.9 and 6.7) and McKayla Maroney's d-score on vault. (6.5)

It's very interesting to think about. For this one I purposely used relatively well known gymnasts. So rarely do we get a gymnast these days who has it all, so it's fun to surmise an absolute beast in every single respect of each event.


  1. Asac consistent? Has everyone forgotten about 2008 TF?

    1. She is EXTREMELY consistent on vault and beam. Does one event in one competition make up her whole senior career or something? 2004-2012 but WAIT she messed up in 2008 Olympics TF so that automatically means she will be forever branded as inconsistent and nevermind the enormous amount of world medals she has. You do know that given the length of her career she's actually much more consistent than other US gymnasts? Nastia for one had more falls in her much shorter career.