Tuesday 3 July 2012

Expectations for camp

We all know that the routines as they stand will not be altered majorly before London and that there will be no more upgrades. But there has been a bit of change shown at Trials and we can expect a slight bit more, as well as of course, ironing out jitters and improving.

McKayla- I expect either a consistently in-bounds third pass and if not, either taking out the 1.5 twist and adding a leap out of the double tuck, or possibly adding a double arabian or a full-twisting double back in its place. I think the first option is more likely by far, although she has performed both of those tumbles in the past, they would take considerably more time to perfect and she doesn't have time. I also think she will be working hard to stick or almost stick her vault landings. She will still win gold in EF with hops or steps, but it's extremely important to reach for that 16.2 with stuck landings in TF to maximise tenths. I highly doubt bars will be a major focus. Beam will continue to be shown as a decent back-up, and improved on.

Kyla- I expect her to work and work on that beam so that it is jitter and wobble free. It's extremely valuable if totally solid with no missed connections and she is absolutely capable of that. With bars she will keep doing what she's doing and make sure they go on being as lovely and clean with quality stuck landings. I expect her and Marta to give up on the amanar, but I wouldn't be surprised if she works and works on her block and rotation just in case she can keep at it and keep it consistent and safe.

Aly- I expect her to come out of camp just as she is now, an absolute rock. I am sure she will be working hard on floor to make sure she doesn't go OOB again, but that seems like a fluke. She will have a greater emphasis on improving form and toepoint- which she has done, but obviously a lot more to be done. She won't have perfect form in London but cleaning up at all will help her out. Vault is quite scary, let's hope she can fix it up a bit.

Jordyn- Will carry on being awesome. She will keep at those bars over and over again to make sure they are as good if not better than at Trials and on the stick for the dismount. Vault will be requiring  better leg position when landing, she tends to lock a bit which is scary. The biggest thing really is beam, those connections need to be nailed or altered and either is very possible.

Gabby- Will be focusing on hitting routines rather than outright improving elements. Beam is a big issue for her in the AA but not in TF- given the amount of time she spent on it in podium training, we can be sure she will still be focusing on hitting it consistently. It CAN be great and hopefully she will absolutely fulfil her potential on it in camp and London. Vault is steadily getting better, I expect her to try to really improve on her block in camp. Floor choreo can't really be changed now.

The team's performaces as they are right now are of course exceptional but let's hope camp can improve on things even more so that they can all fulfil the promise they show. And of course, please please please no injuries.

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