Thursday, 26 July 2012

Feedback time!

Okay so this blog is just about 6 weeks old and it's doing better than I expected. Before readership drops off after the Olympics, I'd like to request some feedback. So, feel free. This is my first ever blog or attempt at one so I don't have great faith in my writing style. Is what I write too samey to what is going on elsewhere? Do I overuse certain words, phrases and punctuation too much? Do I come across as overly critical? Is there too much recap, not enough analysis? Better with more pictures and videos? Writing style quite immature? Is this layout better than the standard template sunsetty one I had? Are you in awe of my picasa skills for the header? Basically, things like that. Note: Not desperate attempt to seek praise as criticism (hopefully constructive rather than just outright harsh!) is more useful so I can develop. Comment away!


  1. the blog is great! don't change anything!

  2. This blog is amazing!
    Its the first place i come to, if i need any info about girls gymnastics.

  3. Thank you! Wow first first place is TCG, Rick, examiner and IG forums. THEN GTT, Stoi!, BTO, Spanny and twitter. There's been lots of views here and no more comments so it looks like nobody hates how I write, great!