Monday 2 July 2012


Best I've seen. You can't take gymnastics from Lindsay's heart! Did you know that she's the best and is getting more solid? Lindsay so deserves her place at Trials.

The next photo of her in the album is a beautiful pak. Can't fault it, it is GORGEOUS. However it seems to have inspired the sheep 4-years commenters into thinking that she still has it. 'Gold medal this time!' Her routine was also way better than Jordyn's. I don't remember Jordyn eating mat, or looking like she was wrecked, or having as big a mistake.

He Kexin and her 7.4 routine will have something to say about that! Maybe it might shut people up about Nastia because if she makes that fifth spot and hits, it probably will take gold. She has a much higher chance of hitting than Nastia as she does actually have the stamina to complete a routine. But why would an OLYMPIC CHAMPION need to finish a routine??? I feel like Lindsay could go up there, do a giant and belly flop off the top bar and STILL people would say she should be on the team. 'That fall might cost her though'. What about the Nationals fuck up? The Classics fuck up? The heavy tapping in ALL of podium training? Are we all blind now? I do like Shawn Johnson but STFU about her. I am strongly tempted to rename Nastia as Lindsay from now on here, but I'll probably forget. Just to clarify, I DO respect Nastia for not giving up and she did deserve that ovation. But the comments on facebook and twitter are not seeing ANY of her mistakes, it's hilarious.

USAG Facebook is the gift that keeps on giving. (Yep, killing time. Almost 1 hour!). Did you know that McKayla might get the fifth spot if she doesn't fall off bars again? We need her bars damnit, she's not going to London without them! Also Ebee got a perfect 10 on vault this year, the whole world missed that one. Oooo Jordyn's a sl** because she 'gets low'..splits on beam. Intriguing. Jennifer White Smith is a bitch. At least Mary Margaret isn't, just deluded. Bross falls on every Arabian? Trials Day 1 is EVER obviously. Bill Strauss was faking those tears, yes of course...Loving the comments on Nastia's LATE turn..nobody is copping how fecking late it was. Kyla is 'the new Shawn'. Yup, you couldn't get a closer  comparison than that. Christ. Anyway, 45 minutes to go! WOOHOO!!

Emily Ann is very dissapointed about Finnegan and Price being alternates. Who the HELL would she pick instead? No doubt Nastia would be one. CLASSIC- on a picture of Finnegan on bars wrongly labelled Anna Li, someone has said Katelyn Ohashi! Sneaky Katelyn, determined to make the team she has morphed into Sarah AND deliberately did a poor bars routine at Trials so nobody would know. Nastia will always be the best gymnast in the whole world...debateable. Would have been perfectly fine if he had said favourite. Sarah's beam mount should be the Finnegan. Sure it's the best one, but way to kick Terin Humphrey and Lauren Mitchell in the face.

There's a picture of the Cirque du Soleil Elvis opener. A girl with short redish hair is on top. 'Is this Shannon Miller' OH GOD, DYING.

The gift that just keeps on giving. 'Why weren't America in the 2012 European championships?', because the clue isn't in the name at all. Interesting twitter hashtag...Mc kayla Maroney #olympicaachamp SERIOUSLY? I love her and all, but surely people aren't that thick? This Roderick Dorado Henry guy is so annoying. He's not happy with Russia's team selection because 'komova have bunches of wobbles on beam though'. Get her OFF that team, they don't need her amanar and 7.0 bars!

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